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“Squid Game” became the most popular Netflix series


The South Korean online series “Squid Game,” created by Hwang Don-hak, has become the most popular in Netflix’s history.

He officially acquired 111 million admirers, making his series the most viewed in the service’s history. This was confirmed by the company’s Twitter account. Thus, it has exceeded the American series “Bridgerton,” which had 82 million views in the first four weeks of its launch, in just 25 days. The South Korean series was the most popular on Netflix in 90 countries and was among the top 18 shows in the United States.

“Squid Game” depicts the narrative of a group of people who, due to financial hardships, travel to an island and compete in survival games. They must finish six children’s games in order to earn $ 40 million. In this situation, everyone who loses perishes.

Earlier this week, the League of Safe Internet said that it will evaluate the series, which, despite its “18+” classification, has the potential to harm youngsters. The league stated that it has received several complaints from parents over the Netflix show. Parents fear that some viewers, particularly children, will be lured to re-enact events from the show.

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