Summer menu: what to feed the baby in the summer

Summer menu: what to feed the baby in the summer

With the onset of summer, you should adjust the children’s menu based on the seasonal needs of the child. For example, keep in mind that children are growing and the amount of protein should also increase.

And since there is an opinion that the peak of active growth occurs in the summer, it is necessary to provide the child with the necessary amount of this building material. In summer, the body needs to spend energy not on warming the body, but on its cooling, so fluid consumption increases due to sweating. So based on this, let’s decide on a summer children’s menu.

Meat: to give or not to give

As we wrote above – protein is necessary for the child’s body in all seasons. However, some children may opt for cutlets and other meat dishes in the summer. It is worth noting that at any time of the year pork and beef are difficult to digest by children. If your baby always enjoys eating chicken cutlets – class. But if your child refuses meat in the summer, don’t panic. After all, protein can be obtained from other products. For example, eggs, cheese, milk, hard and pickled cheeses.

Fats – good or bad?

Although fat is the main enemy of the figure for women and young girls, children still need it. But if in the winter useful fats of an animal origin – they warm-up, in the summer vegetable oils are necessary – they promote assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins. Make sure that the children’s menu includes vegetable oils – unrefined sunflower, olive, corn, pumpkin, and others.


Regardless of the season, the child’s diet should contain complex carbohydrates that are found in cereals, pasta from durum wheat, and legumes. Light carbohydrates will also be helpful. But you should not look for them in chocolates but in fresh fruit.


Summer is probably the best time to saturate the body with vitamins. But know – the child’s body can not cope with an excessive amount of even the most useful food, so do not exaggerate. All new berries and fruits should be tasted little by little and monitor the reaction of the body. Familiar fruits should also be given in small portions so as not to “break” the digestive system.

Indispensable sour milk

Intestinal helpers – fiber and lactic acid bacteria. They should be in the diet of the child at any time of year. And the fact that a child eats a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in the summer, so he gets enough fiber, does not mean that you can give up dairy products. Make your child happy with yogurt, preferably homemade, and rest assured of his health.

Water regime

Immediately note that drinking should not be on schedule, but focusing on the feeling of thirst. At the same time, children should be reminded to drink because they do not distinguish the body’s signals of thirst and are more at risk of dehydration. Children are advised to consume water throughout the day and especially during active games or sports. The amount of water a child should consume during the day depends on many factors: gender, age, level of physical activity, air temperature, weather conditions, and climate.

There are no uniform norms for fluid intake, but you can follow the general recommendations for drinking for children:

• children from 1-4 years: from 2-4 glasses;
• children 4-8 years: 5 glasses;
• children 9 -13 years: 7-8 glasses;
• 14 and more: from 8 to 11 glasses.

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