Sunstroke – symptoms and ways to avoid it

Sunstroke is a dangerous disease of the body, which occurs due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, resulting in an imbalance and a sharp deterioration in health.

Symptoms of heatstroke:

– dizziness, headache;

– nausea and vomiting;

– rapid breathing and/or pulse;

– high body temperature increased sweating;

– loss of consciousness;

– signs of shock (bluish lips, nails, confusion);

– delusions, hallucinations.

Medical care for sunstroke: At the initial signs of heatstroke, you must immediately provide first aid, as in the severe form of this type of stroke, even fatal.

1. To begin, you need to move the victim to the shade, a cool place (preferably where there is air conditioning). Remove all or part of the clothing (hat, shoes, socks), and unbutton the collar of the shirt, and cuffs to speed up the process of lowering body temperature.

2. Do not give antipyretic drugs and drugs that contain caffeine.

3. Help to take a bath or shower with cool water or make a cold compress (wrap the body with a wet sheet, periodically moisturizing it), you can spray thermal water on the skin of the face and body.

4. Proper body position plays an important role. The victim should be laid horizontally, with the legs should be raised by 30 centimeters, this will help avoid shock.

5. To restore water balance in the body and normalize well-being, heavy drinking is recommended. The water should be cool, but by no means icy. Drink slowly, in small sips. If unconscious, lift cotton wool with ammonia to the nose (it should be in every first aid kit).

6. Before the arrival of the ambulance in the most urgent cases, when the person is unconscious and you can not feel his pulse, start doing indirect heart massage and artificial respiration.

7. If the leg is cramped, you should massage this area.

8. If you are alone and you have no one to help, call an ambulance, and then try to perform all the same actions as much as possible. Try to calm down and relax, breathe deeply and calmly, focus, and remember something positive and pleasant.

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