Tattoo phrases are phrases that are used to describe a tattoo

Tattoo phrases are phrases that are used to describe a tattoo

“A tattoo is not simply a drawing. See, a tattoo artist is like a confessor. He writes the story of a man on his body ”.
(Nicolai Lilin, Siberian Education)

Each tattoo is a work of art. It is one of a kind and has a special meaning for those who will wear it forever on their skin. There are those who decide to get a tattoo to savor and share a form of eternal beauty with everyone, and those who, on the contrary, choose a particular subject for the symbolic value that this plays in their life.

Writings represent one of the most popular and most requested subjects by tattoo lovers. They are a perfect tool to express one’s personality, a passion, a philosophy of life, or to indicate a particular moment in one’s history, perhaps a dark period that has finally been overcome.

In most cases, famous phrases from films, aphorisms, or parts of song lyrics are chosen, more or less known, sometimes, however, it happens to simply tattoo words that have an important meaning only for the person concerned.

Tattoo phrases are phrases that are used to describe a tattoo

What are the most chosen phrases for a tattoo?

Phrases for tattoos about love

This is undoubtedly the most requested topic. Love has united men and women since ancient times and will continue to do so forever. Poets, writers, and singers have exalted it in their works of art and there is a practically unlimited source to draw on to get interesting ideas.

Lovers often tattoo half of the sentence on their body so that, by joining together, they can show the full meaning. A very original and interesting idea is to ask your other half or child to write the sentence in question, and then rely on the tattoo artist who will replicate it while respecting the spelling. In this way, even a phrase already used by others will be unique and inimitable for us.

Phrases for tattoos about life

Life is a gift and, as such, it must be loved and, why not, tattooed. The phrases on the mysterious and fascinating theme of existence are innumerable. It is a solution chosen, in particular, by those who have had to face difficulties and can claim to have overcome them, or by those who are particularly grateful to live for a gift received, be it affection, a love, or a success in the workplace. , etc.

The web gives many ideas. Just do some research to find the phrase that best suits our personality. Depending on the length of the sentence, it will then be advisable to choose a sufficiently large area of ​​the body. Generally, you opt for the chest, arms, back, or legs. An interesting solution is to use the phrase as a kind of jewel anklet, not only meaningful but also very elegant.

Phrases for friendship tattoos

Love is not the only noble sentiment of man. Even the affection felt for a friend manages, in some lucky cases, to be as strong as that for a brother. That’s why dozens of poets and writers have talked about it in their works. A very significant gesture is to undergo a tattoo together with your friend, in order to have an indelible and eternal sign of your relationship on your body.

Phrases for tattoos in Latin

Very often, Italian is considered too obvious and of little significance. For this reason, many decide to make their own tattoo in Latin, a language now in disuse but eternally loved, studied, and appreciated. Also, in this case, the web is the best tool to do research, choose a phrase, fully understand its meaning, and then go to your trusted artist.

Phrases for tattoos in a foreign language

For linguists, or simply for those who believe that a sentence translated into Italian cannot retain its original meaning, a tattoo in English, French, or another particularly popular language can be an excellent option. Generally, one cites one’s favorite musical groups or writers, selecting the most significant words taken from their works.

A particular solution: tattoos with chemical and mathematical formulas

If you want to have an interesting tattoo, then surely the chemical and mathematical symbols are for us. One might think that these are only chosen by industry experts, however, this is not the case. Men and women of all ages have approached this genre, trying to understand what are the most hidden and mysterious meanings of these numbers and symbols.

A certainly fitting example is infinity, which has become extremely widespread among the youngest. But pi, alpha, and omega, the golden section is also increasingly popular.

Finally, a particularly romantic formula is the function of the heart which, once drawn on a Cartesian plane, draws a perfect heart: (x2 + y2 -1) ^ 3 – x2y3

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