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The best apps for last minute travel in the summer

The best apps for last minute travel in the summer

The best last-minute travel apps to download now and for free to plan your holidays for next summer.

The summer holidays are approaching and the desire to leave is high. The lucky ones will have already booked the destination of their well-deserved rest. But it may happen that you can’t do it in time. Maybe at work, you do not yet know when and how you will go on vacation or you want to understand what the budget will be. In the case of family holidays, then, we should try to make the holidays of the partners coincide. What to do if you have the possibility to book only the last one? Luckily, there are many last-minute travel apps to suit us.

Usually, you opt for this type of booking for two reasons: the first is that you really don’t know when you will be able to leave and knowing it only at the end you try to remedy it by organizing a dream holiday anyway. While the second reason is that it saves money in this way. Often, in fact, airlines but also hotels offer bargain offers for those who book last minute, to fill a flight that has remained half empty and occupies those rooms that otherwise no one would reserve. Fortunately for us, there are several last-minute travel apps that we can download for free on our smartphone, to always have at hand. To organize the perfect holiday every time and maybe try to save a little. Which never hurts these days.


The site usually stormed for those looking for the best travel offers at the last minute also has a handy app, which can be easily downloaded to have air flights, vacation packages, organized trips to be booked as soon as they arrive. confirmed the holidays at work.


The app we use to plan our air travel also offers last-minute flights. Just know the days, even the last one, and look for the many proposals still available. The application’s search engine allows you to compare prices and timetables of many airlines. Impossible not to find the most suitable cheap flight. The search can be done both by date and by geographical area.


Hopper is also an app that allows you to compare the prices of flights from low-cost airlines. And together it also allows you to combine a hotel package with several really interesting discounts. You can also book on the day of departure, saving a lot of money.


After booking your flight, you will need to look for a place to sleep. This application allows you to book even the last one, obtaining good rates for our last-minute stays. All you have to do is indicate dates and areas in the world to find the best offer. And enjoy your stay in complete tranquility.


once you arrive, you will need to organize what to visit during your vacation. Today, for example, reservations are required in museums. Tiqets is an app that allows you to buy tickets for your enjoyment even at the latest.

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