The best drinks for children’s colds

The best drinks for children's colds

When a child starts to get sick, many mothers panic, they run to the pharmacy and buy all sorts of drugs and potions, which cost a lot of money and often do not give the desired effect.

Previously, when the current parents were children, there was no such abundance of syrups and tablets for the treatment of colds and acute respiratory infections. Treated mainly by improvised means, so why not seek the help of “grandmother’s” methods of treatment?

So, if your baby is sick and you want to help him to come to his senses faster and be able to continue to learn actively, then adopt the rule that in diseases of the growing body, you need to provide maximum drinking.

What and how to water a child with a cold:

1. Compote with dried fruits and honey – this is a great way to eliminate colds, let’s drink it warm and as often as possible. Do not forget that honey can be added only when the drink has become warm because in boiling water the beneficial properties of honey evaporate and it becomes a carcinogen, which is very harmful to health.

2. Raspberry tea quickly heals the throat and lowers the temperature, but it should not be as sweet as the child would like. It is desirable to use honey instead of sugar and in small quantities to remove the sour taste of raspberries, as the sweet taste and acid provide even more inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat.

3. Chamomile or mint tea is designed to relieve inflammation and eliminate viral bacteria, so you can give your child a weak infusion of chamomile flowers or mint leaves several times a day. By the way, honey can be added only if the child is not allergic to it.

4. Tea with linden or thyme will effectively remove phlegm and soothe a cough. So, if your baby starts coughing, you should immediately make him a fragrant tea with one of these plants.

5. Drink infused with yarrow or mint leaves, will relieve the child from headaches, she will think better and feel good after the first cup.

6. The infusion of dog rose has diuretic properties, as well as increases sweating, so it is recommended to give children to drink for colds and viral diseases. But the most important thing is to give the child to drink more plain warm water together with the infusion, as the dog rose can remove a lot of necessary fluid from the body, which is very unfavorable.

7. Milk with honey is considered one of the most effective drinks that fight colds in both children and adults. It is desirable to give him to drink just before bedtime, so the effect will be more noticeable – at night the child will sleep peacefully, without coughing and without snot.

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