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The best travel apps for group travel

The best travel apps for group travel

Travel apps for group travel: Here are the best ones to download if you’ve decided to go with your friends and want to make things easier.

Holidays are approaching for everyone and it’s time to think not only when to leave and where to go, but also with whom to share the joys of a journey. If you have decided to leave with your friends, or perhaps with a small group of family members for an adventure between cousins ​​or even for a vacation with colleagues to recharge your batteries in view of September, you must leave prepared. And luckily technology comes to our rescue, with the best travel apps for group travel to make the holiday easier to organize and deal with.

The applications dedicated to group travel are a godsend for many small organizational issues. Sharing travel itineraries and information on flight and train schedules, splitting the budget, keeping all photos and comments together, and many other matters that could cause contradictions during the vacation. Are you ready to find out which apps to share with the group you have decided to spend an unforgettable holiday within a place near or far from home?


This application allows you to manage all reservations. We don’t have to do anything, because Triple automatically connects to your mailbox, drawing information from the booking confirmations of hotels, flights, trains, rentals, restaurants, and much more that you receive via email. Reservations are organized chronologically and the map that is created can also be consulted offline. Anyone with whom this is shared can update or add details.


The best app in the world to not get lost. And not to lose travel companions. You can create an itinerary that can always be updated and collaborative maps can be created and managed, in which everyone gives their contribution. You can add stages, route changes, comments, photos, links, and much more. And it works on all devices around the world. As always, the Mountain View search engine cares about us.


This application is perfect for managing expenses. When you go out in a group, you usually make a small common fund for the expenses that everyone goes through together. In this way, by downloading the app, you can manage everything more comfortably and share reports in real-time. And then you can also keep your expenses under control, so as not to spend more than the budget you set before leaving home.


And here is the app for sharing the shopping list. So everyone can add what they would love to eat for dinner… The lists can be updated in real-time, also checking what someone has already taken. Also ideal for creating a travel to-do list to always have at hand.


Let’s go back to Google to share the photos in real-time, so as to create a virtual travel diary that all holiday participants will always have at hand. Your photos are in safe hands.

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