The book How to make friends and influence people

The book How to make friends and influence people

Despite the fact that the work of the famous speaker Dale Carnegie was published several decades ago, it does not diminish its relevance today.

The author uses simple understandable language, which is a big plus for readers of any age. The book provides a number of examples from the lives of people, Carnegie himself, and his students with a touch of humor, which gives greater clarity and clarity to the theories presented in it. It’s like a collection of useful tips! The author tries to teach us how to treat people properly so that our communication takes to a new level and helps us make really good friends thanks to sincerity, enthusiasm, and interest in everyone around us.

You can learn this only by changing yourself and your worldview. This is really easy to do thanks to the skills you can learn in this book. The author insists that, for successful communication and making friends, the main driving factor is our perception of people. The main principles of successful communication are lack of criticism, condemnation, and whining; showing enthusiasm and genuine sincerity, and respect for everyone around. Does it seem that what is difficult here? Everything is simple and clear. However, knowing these simple truths, we so often do not think about them and do not try to put them into practice. And this is the fault of our selfish world. However, we forget that this world is made up of you and me.

It would be appropriate to say, “Change yourself and you will see how the whole world will change around you.” If at least every 5th person on this planet read this book, our world would definitely be better. In fact, the advice Dale Carnegie gives will always be effective. All his works are like a work of art, like a painting in a gallery, from which you can not take your eyes off. You admire his works, they motivate and inspire feats and concrete actions. With the author’s advice, you will be able to establish business relationships at work and maintain successful relationships with friends or family members. Moreover, these rules of communication will help you take off your pink glasses and look at the world from a different angle. Definitely recommend !!!

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