The Dalai Lama has seven life-changing teachings for you

The Dalai Lama has seven life-changing teachings for you

Just try to apply them and you will see that truth, honesty, warmth, and compassion will be the driving forces that will help you become happy.

1. Be merciful. Studies show that empathy makes you feel the pleasure that can be compared to the sensations of sex, good food, or outdoor activities.

2. Be kind and help others. Volunteers who donate a certain amount feel happier than those who spend money on themselves.

3. Discover the inner world. The Dalai Lama advises spending some time alone with yourself every day. Stay away from negative thoughts, anger, resentment, fatigue. Try to replace them with positive emotions: optimism, gratitude, love, peace. A truly calm mind is a source of happiness and good health.

4. Do not harm others. If you lie, lie about others, use or intimidate someone, the negative effects of the boomerang will return to you.

5. Invest in friendship. Friendship should not be underestimated. She needs to be surrounded by tender love and care because friends are the people you can trust. Neglect of friendship leads to loneliness, and this is one of the reasons for the spread of depression in society.

6. Do not argue and do not fight, but agree. The key to a peaceful outcome is dialogue. Learn the art of negotiation. The Dalai Lama recommends never stirring up the past but focusing on what is causing the problem now.

7. Learn from your mistakes. In case of failure, it is important to understand what went wrong. You may have made the wrong decision or not thought through the whole process. You may not have worked out the worst-case scenario. The reasoning will help you learn from your failures.

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