The European Union is proposing to introduce the right to work offline

The European Union is proposing to introduce the right to work offline

Earlier this year, Europe proposed a law that gives people the right to rest after working online.

This means that employees will not be able to disturb other employees during non-working hours. You will not be able to send worksheets, hold rallies or even write to messengers in your free time.
The idea to create such a law appeared at the beginning of the pandemic.

Due to quarantine restrictions, many companies around the world began working remotely, sometimes leading to employee burnout. Employees could work almost around the clock, which significantly affected the well-being of many people.

However, some experts note that it will be difficult to choose rules that will suit all companies or institutions. According to the founder of the British recruitment agency Futureheads Be Kahler Pilgrim, it is necessary to take into account the working capabilities of each person – the limit of fatigue and emotional state.

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