The fashion of tattoos is passing – here’s what the experts say

The fashion of tattoos is passing - here's what the experts say

It is often said that the fashion for tattoos is about to come to an end.

Yet, if you look on the street you see more and more tattooed people and, above all, the studios of tattoo artists are full and the appointments multiply. How is it possible that this is all going to end? By reading various articles it is understood that this could be a dying trend. But how are things? Is it a sunset fashion or not?

The repentant of the tattoo and the idea that everything is setting

To tell the truth, if you look closely, tattoo repentants exist and are also among the VIPs. Perhaps this suggests that this is a trend that is now in decline. Be careful, however, to speak in absolute terms, because it is a complex and varied reality and it is good to remember that there are always repentants, even in other areas. But coming to the point, it is interesting to understand which are the famous repentants of the tattoo. Angelina Jolie launched the fashion for tattoo removal and, in unsuspecting times, had her ex-husband’s name erased from her skin.

Not the only one, as Johnny Depp did the same, canceling Amber Heard’s name, as did Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. In short, a series of well-known names who have decided to repent and have a tattoo erased from their skin. What do you notice? They more than regretted the tattoo done, they regretted the choice of the loved one and the subject of the tattoo, but you can’t generalize so much. This, therefore, may not be real proof of the end of the tattoo era.

Do not worry, therefore, for tattoo artists who will certainly not be forced to find another job, at least not in the immediate future. Who says that? The data from the sector say so. In 2018, taking into account the whole world, 38% of those affected by a recent survey said they had tattoos. When asked about repentance, only 15% replied that they think about removing at least one tattoo. The data for Italy is the lowest that there are regarding this percentage: this means that tattoo artists can continue to sleep peacefully, given that in Italy fashion is not in the process of declining at all.

Of course, in order not to repent, precautions must be taken. First of all, you must carefully choose the subject of your tattoo. Not doing it for fashion is another piece of advice that you must always take into account and, above all, look for a good tattoo artist, who is able to satisfy all requests in an optimal way. In this way, it will be very difficult to regret what you went for and the tattoo will remain forever as a sign full of meaning. Of course, as is often the case in life, repenting is okay, but it happens less often than you might think.

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