The main subtleties of eating a hot dog

How to eat fast food correctly. There is nothing easier than having a snack by preparing a delicious hot dog.

But it is unlikely that you have ever thought that there are certain rules regarding the use of this fast food dish. So, if you’ve already bought sausages and a bun for a hot dog, it’s time to learn how to properly eat a popular snack option, Postobi informs.

The culture of eating hot dogs: the main subtleties

Fast food hides a lot of wisdom that many people did not even know about. Here are the main recommendations for proper eating:

be sure to wash your hands before eating – their cleanliness will be especially important now;

it is customary to eat hot dogs standing up only (unless, of course, you are sitting in the stands during a baseball game – then sitting down is acceptable);

do not use any cutlery – your hands will be more than enough;

forget about napkins – if there are remnants of sauce on your hands, just lick them off;

the use of an ordinary plate is excluded, as an alternative, there is a disposable one, or even better, no dishes at all.

As you can see, eating hot dogs is another way to declare freedom, youth, and the absence of restrictions to the world. That is why this fast food dish organically flows into American culture.

How to make a hot dog tastier

Subtleties concern not only the culture of eating but also the peculiarities of cooking. To improve the taste of the dish, it is advisable to pour the sauce not on the bun, but on the sausage. It is also recommended to make an incision in the bun not on the side, but on top, in the case of a large amount of filling – two incisions.

The cheese will be much tastier if you melt it right before eating fast food. Another nuance is related to the bun. So that it is appetizingly crunchy, grease it with a little oil, then fry it in a pan.

Experiments with sauces will help add non-standard notes to the dish. So, instead of classic ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, you can try guacamole, sour cream and garlic sauce, Greek dressing, or hummus.

A similar situation with additional ingredients. A hot dog may well contain avocado, bacon, pepper, and other unusual ingredients. Of course, only if you like the recipe.

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