The most expensive fruit in the world

The most expensive fruit the world

It’s hard to imagine that apples could be in short supply. But in some equatorial countries, apples for the people – the same as for us papaya or passion fruit.

Although recently, with a relatively well-established trade network of international companies, in the food markets you can increasingly find those fruits whose name is difficult to pronounce.

Today, according to world standards, the most expensive fruit is kupuasu. This unique fruit has interested the media after the great scandal between Brazil and Japan that erupted around it. The fact is that quite enterprising Japanese were the first to patent the name of a unique fruit, which accidentally came to them from Latin America, where it was known only to the aborigines. Brazil, in turn, has claimed by Japan that kupuasu should remain the national heritage of the country where it grows. It was this controversy that added value to the already unusual fruit. It is difficult to say, but not everyone is ready to pay $ 15 thousand for it.

The most expensive fruit the world

In addition to the fact that the price of kupuas, to put it mildly, “bites”, with it you can easily get into trouble. As it turned out, you can eat only those fruits that have fallen from the tree. Plucked fruits will never ripen and will not acquire that original, charming taste. In appearance, cups resemble an elongated coconut, but slightly larger in size. Inside – white flesh with 25-50 seeds, located in five, separated by a thin membrane nest. Buy kupuasu is also very problematic. Unless anyone is volunteering to come up with a pretty template?

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