Their price is one million dollars. The reason for this is the cost of the bottle, created by Donna Karan and jeweler Martin Katz

The bottle is made in the shape of an apple made of yellow and white gold, decorated with three thousand precious stones from Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Diamonds, tourmaline, rubies, and sapphires form the silhouettes of Manhattan. One and a half thousand hours were spent on the bottle.

The second most expensive fragrance is Clive Christian Imperial Majesty. The price is two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. There are only 10 vials of 507 ml.

Third place Guerlain Idylle Baccarat – Lux Edition. One bottle costs forty thousand dollars or thirty thousand euros.

Royal Arms Diamond Edition perfume – a fragrance for the diamond anniversary of Elizabeth II. There are six vials adorned with an eighteen-carat diamond hanging on a gold chain, each worth about twenty-three thousand dollars.

Chanel № 5 Grand Extrait is a collection fragrance for four thousand two hundred dollars

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