The most important vitamins for the beauty of the skin of women of all ages

The most important vitamins for the beauty of the skin of women of all ages

Thick and shiny hair, smooth and elastic skin, neat manicures – all these are signs of a well-groomed woman who takes care of herself and her health.

Improper nutrition, stressful situations, improper care, and constant haste contribute to the imbalance in the body and important processes responsible for the beauty of the skin. Therefore, it is important for all city dwellers to make sure that the body is not deficient in the following substances.  Vitamin C serves as to protect the skin from oxidative stress, increasing the protective functions of the body.

Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) promotes the inhibition of changes, participates in energy metabolism, activates metabolic processes, and regulates oxygen metabolism. Hyaluronic acid provides the right level of skin moisture, maintaining its tone and elasticity. Under its influence, small and deep wrinkles begin to be less noticeable, the skin is smoothed, and acquires a pleasant glow.

Vitamin E provides cellular regeneration of the skin and protects against oxidative stress. Zinc and selenium are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress, and they also strengthen the immune system. Biotin is needed to make the skin denser and more elastic.

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