The most popular inquiries of men about women on the Web.

The most popular inquiries of men about women on the Web.

The Internet can tell a lot about what issues men are interested in. They ask Internet searchers quite interesting things, to which it is not so easy to find the answer.

Why women are weaker than men in chess

This query is quite popular. Google says that in mid-July 2021, about 300,000 people will ask about it. The answer is not entirely trivial, because, in fact, women are not weaker than men in chess. It’s just that they almost don’t play them – it so happened that women rarely admire this difficult game. As for a purely scientific assessment, women are more likely to become big players than men. The secret lies in the presence of more white matter in the brain.

Why do women live longer than men?

There are over a million search queries with this question. Women really live longer, and the reason is that initially, nature in the female body is more resistant to disease, nervous tension, and stress. Women even feel pain worse than men. As for survival in extreme conditions, then there is definitely strong sex in the first place. In today’s world, you do not need to run in skins and fight bears, tigers, and mammoths, so women live longer than men.

Why there will be more women in hell than men

12 million queries are no joke. There will be more women in hell than men, and not only Christianity but also Islam thinks so. In Christianity, a woman is the bearer of original sin and is considered to be unclean from birth. In Islam, there is an opinion that women often go to hell because they complain and show ingratitude to their husbands.

Why do women change after childbirth?

This is a very interesting question, and not only for men. Almost 12 million inquiries confirm this. It turns out that women not only gain weight after childbirth. They are also accompanied by not very noticeable, but very interesting metamorphoses. For example, facial features change, look, the corners of the lips fall. Changes can be traced in the voice – it becomes lower.

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