The motivation of staff at Google

To identify the company with the most motivated employees, CNN and Fortune magazine annually conduct a joint survey involving 1,000 of the most respected corporations around the world. And for four years in a row, Google has been the undisputed leader in this ranking.

However, it must be admitted that Google did not come to its status from a good life – in the period 2005-2010, the company’s sworn enemy, Facebook, lured more than 500 people, including Chad Hurley (creator of YouTube), Andy Rubin (head of mobile) ) and other key personnel. After that, unprecedented measures were introduced to motivate employees, which allowed to radically change the situation.

What are Google’s recipes for success?

1. High salary.

This is the basis of the whole system of staff motivation, and it must be really high. The monthly salary of ordinary employees of the company starts from $ 10,000, the salary of top managers is kept secret, but they are hardly offended.

It is noteworthy that Google is the leader in the remuneration of its employees in Silicon Valley, although for this title it has to compete with Microsoft, Apple, and other honorary companies.

2. Unique comfort in the workplace.

And again, in these seemingly simple words, Google was able to put a completely unique meaning. Google’s offices are designed by the world’s best designers, and interior design in each department takes into account not only general trends but also national priorities.

Within the company it is possible to work in the living rooms, meetings can be held in hammocks on the roof of the building, and if desired, you can skate around the office.

3. The main thing is the result.

Only one thing is expected of Google employees – the result, and they can achieve it in any convenient way. The motivation of Google staff implies the absence of daily reporting and other stressors as such.

4. Everyone sees your work.

Employee motivation increases when everything is open. Google achieves this as follows: the results of your work are seen not only by superiors but also by colleagues. This approach allows staff to be held accountable for a social component that, as practice shows, is much more effective than condemnation from above.

5. Trifles decide everything.

The quintessence of the company’s employee motivation system is their famous phrase “Google is, above all, people.” Gyms, hairdressers, relaxation centers, and other corporate facilities are available to keep staff in good shape. Interestingly, in recent years, the company has also introduced the practice of free meals – within a radius of 50 meters from the office, there is always a cafe or dining room that serves employees for free. There is also free medical care, and some units even have separate clinics for this purpose.

Of course, all costs for training, participation in specialized conferences, etc. are paid by the company.

Google does not ignore the families of employees – at the birth of a child is given a 2-month leave, and in the event of the death of an employee, his family will receive another 10 years of salary as a breadwinner.

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