The perfect morning routine from performance guru Tim Ferris

The perfect morning routine from performance guru Tim Ferris

Wired magazine called Tim Ferris “Silicon Valley superman.”

For many years, he has hosted podcasts and written one after another bestseller on self-optimization in various aspects: from productivity to health.

And no matter what Ferris says, he always knows how to make the process more efficient. Where? The whole point of his podcast is The Tim Ferriss Show, where he invites researchers, doctors, athletes, and biohackers. Talking to them allows him to be aware of new ways to improve health, mood, and efficiency. Here’s what action Tim Ferris offers to do every morning:

1. Make the bed. No matter how bad your day is. You can make the bed – and even in the most horrible moment, it will give the feeling that in life there is at least one thing under control. He was inspired by the speech of former US Navy Admiral William McRaven. McRaven says: if you want to change the world, start with the habit of making the bed. By doing this, you will feel proud of the task, and it will give strength to the next task. And then one more thing, and another thing: the first thing done will start the chain of productivity.

2. Do 10 push-ups. A great way to wake up is a short charge: 5-10 approaches to any exercise. Ferris prefers push-ups, then takes a cold shower. It is important to understand: that this is not a replacement for training, but a way to cheer up, improve your mood and calm the flow of thoughts in your head.

3. Meditate. When Ferris began writing The Titans, he spoke to two hundred successful people: celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, athletes, special operations commanders, and others. His conclusion: 80% of successful people meditate – like himself. Ferris devotes 10-20 minutes in the morning to the practice of mindfulness and advises everyone who wants to concentrate more easily during the day during important matters: work meetings, and conversations with loved ones. For beginners, he recommends the Calm and Headspace apps, as well as guided meditations by Sam Harris and Tara Brac.

4. Make “titanium” tea. A teaspoon of pure-erh (black tea), a teaspoon of lun jing (green tea), a teaspoon of turmeric, ginger shavings, and coconut oil. Sometimes Ferris adds to his usual recipe mate, which contains as many as three stimulants: caffeine (as in coffee) theophylline (as in green tea), and theobromine (as in cocoa).

5. Make diary entries. Ferris uses a variety of types of notes, including always carrying small notebooks in his pocket for ideas and purposes. But in the morning he uses two methods: Morning Pages and Five Minute Journal.

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