The principles of the brain that can dramatically change your future

You can very easily turn your imagination into reality.

The human brain is a unique creation. This is a huge repository of information. Neurobiologist Jeremy Bennett knows 5 principles about his work that can dramatically change your future.

The brain does not distinguish between imagination and reality.

The brain can respond to absolutely all your thoughts. While not recognizing the reality and fantasy that provokes the placebo effect.

If the brain is deceived and thinking that you have taken some medication, the placebo effect is triggered and the symptoms of the disease from which you are taking medication to disappear. The nocebo effect works on the same principle, but in the opposite direction. Reading a medical guide, a hypochondriac may experience symptoms of the described diseases.

To prove these theories, you can experiment and imagine that something terrible has happened to your loved ones. The part of the brain that is responsible for the fear of the hypothalamus will start forcing the adrenal glands to release the stress hormone and you will feel an aching pain in the stomach.

Having done this experiment on the contrary and looking at the world from a positive side, wearing “pink glasses”, you can feel happiness and pleasure due to high levels of serotonin.

You design what you think.

Everything you think about turns into your life credo. The long-awaited purchase of any great thing will lead to the fact that after buying it you will notice more and pay attention to similar things.

This feature of the brain leads to the fact that you can reprogram your mood, and this will help to get out of any stalemate.

So, change your mental stereotypes and you will change your life.

Autopilot is on most of your brain.

60 thousand is the average number of generated opinions. But about 40 thousand of them “yesterday”. And this creates a blockade for the person. Therefore, it is very useful to “clean” the brain, radically change the situation and the outside world.

Negative thoughts cause anxiety and stress, destroy your aura and immunity.

Educate by training your brain. Think more positively, perceive and paint the world in color. The more persistently you try to change your thoughts to positive ones, the sooner you will be able to find control over these unconscious processes.

Sometimes “distraction” is vital.

You can catch up with a black stripe in life and millions of scary thoughts, so you just need to “disconnect”, meditate, or roll on vacation and go on an active vacation: diving, hiking. The more you focus on the process, the more effective the “cleansing” of the head.

You can change your brain physically and financially.

In the process of focusing on a process due to its neuroplasticity, the brain creates new nerve connections.

The principle of operation is as follows. If you think that you will not be able to lose weight, then over time this idea will prevail. But if you change the subconscious setting, then your brain will be forced to find new neural connections and you will begin to find options for how to turn the setting into reality.

You can very easily turn your imagination into reality. Achieve everything you want with irresistible faith in yourself and your success. And remember – thoughts are material.

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