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The proportions of the human body

The proportions of the human body

The size and shape of each person’s body are genetically programmed. By body, proportions are meant the ratio of the sizes of individual parts of the body. And here’s what’s interesting:

-The length of the outstretched arms will be equal to the height.

-Three palms are equal to the foot, six palms are one elbow, four elbows – the height of a person.

-If you place your legs so that the distance between them is equal to 1/14 of human height, and raise your hands so that the middle fingers are at the level of the crown, the central point of the body, equidistant from all limbs, will be your navel.

-The mass of the human brain is 1/46 of the total body weight (compare – the elephant’s brain weighs only 1/560 of his body weight).

-Human skin averages about 2 square meters. It is necessary to know when prescribing certain medical procedures and medications. To calculate the surface of the skin, doctors use the formula: body surface is equal to (bodyweight x 4) + 7.

-The proportions of the head are determined as follows. The frontal part of the head is covered with the middle and thumbs: if the width of the head from one temple to another corresponds to the distance between the fingertips, the proportions of the head are correct.

-The size of the nail should correspond to the size of the fingers, occupying about 50% of the area of ​​the upper phalanx of the finger and its length should exceed the width by 10%.

-Growth of a nail for one month makes from 2,5 to 4 mm and depends on age and the state of health of the person.

-Full nail growth occurs in 4 – 5 months.

-The distance from the upper part of the chest to the crown is 1/6 of the height.

-Distance from the elbow to the fingertips – 1/5 height.

-According to the canons of Polyclitus, the circumference of the young lady’s waist should be twice as large as her neck. The circumference of the shin should be equal to the neck, and the circumference of the thigh – should be one and a half circles of the shin. The distance from the heels to the waist should refer to the length of the body as 2: 3. Taking into account such proportions, classical ancient statues were created.

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