The UK has created the perfect swimsuit for any figure

The UK has created the perfect swimsuit for any figure

British fashion designer Laura Rettrey has developed a series of swimsuits that will perfectly “sit” on any female figure.

The fashion designer assumed that all women can be divided into 3 groups according to body shape, The Daily Mail writes. Experts took measurements from several thousand women and came to the conclusion that all of them can be divided into three groups depending on the proportions of the two main parameters. – thighs and chest. The most common figure among women, experts tentatively called “pear” (49% of all women), followed by women with a lush bust (32%). Finally, in the last group, Laura Rettrey included those whose thighs and breasts are developed proportionally – “hourglass “: there were only 19% of the total number of women studied.

On the basis of these data for each type of figure and ideally, corresponding models of bathing suits were developed. It is noteworthy that in the 1950s when swimwear became a sign of post-war fashion, the most common type of female body was the “hourglass”. However, now only one in five women can boast of such a figure. The most advantageous for them is a swimsuit that emphasizes the waist. As an example of the owner of the “hourglass” figure, the publication cites TV star, Kelly Brook.

For a good half of modern women with a “pear” figure, another lycra swimsuit has been developed that tightens the wide thighs and fixes the gaze on the upper, more elegant part of the figure, including singers Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Finally, a swimsuit for such busty beauties as the TV presenter of the program “Dancing on Ice” “Holly Willoughby” raises and emphasizes the bust, which is, in this case, the main advantage.

Universal swimsuits are available in almost the entire range of sizes – from 42 to 54 and above. Internal bras also have different parameters. Appearing in public in a swimsuit is a little different from showing yourself naked. That is why it is so important for a woman to choose a suit that would fit her figure, experts say.

“I’m not sad about what I don’t have now, I’m happy about what I have (for women’s sake),” said Joy Parks, 58, of Ilxton, Derbyshire. However, such a swimsuit costs about 100 pounds ($ 150). This is twice the standard price.

Doctors from London’s Hammersmith Hospital took part in the development of the swimsuits, taking measurements from 5.4 thousand women who do not have a sports figure. We will add that the author of the idea Laura Rettrey previously worked as a lingerie designer.

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