The value of a rose tattoo depends on the location on the body

The value of a rose tattoo

Rose – is one of the favorite drawings for tattoos for both women and men.

Historically, the meaning of the rose has changed – from power to obedience, from strength to tenderness. In our time, such a tattoo will have the meaning that the owner will invest in it. However, it is worth considering how the meaning of a rose tattoo varies depending on the sex of the person and the location of the tattoo on the body.

What does a rose tattoo mean to a woman?

The importance of a rose tattoo in a girl is influenced by several factors:

• rose color;
• location on the body;
• compatibility with other elements.

A tattoo on the back, shoulders, or inside of the arm indicates strong and true feelings. A rose tattoo with thorns means that love has brought the girl great suffering. She has divorced her love and does not want to let a new husband in. Now a rose tattoo on the leg of a girl who is painted with thorns means that a woman is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of her loved ones. A rose tattoo on her arm with a ribbon or cross means that the girl has lost a loved one – a husband, a friend, a child.

Also popular is a paired tattoo of a rose enclosed in a triangle, which is stuffed by the couple. This indicates devotion to each other and eternal love. Girls often get tattoos on their thighs. This indicates a strong feminine, sexual, passionate nature. Such tattoos are intimate and therefore are shown only to your partner. If the tattoo is stuffed closer to the knees, the erotic subtext of the picture disappears.

The value of a rose tattoo

The value of rose tattoos in men

The rose was grown in Persia and was considered a male flower. It is known from history that the first who stuffed a rose flower tattoo on their body were sailors who went to sea for many years. Such a tattoo was their promise to remain faithful to their wives. Most often, men’s rose tattoos are done on the hand, in particular – on the palm of the hand. But not only. Nowadays, men get rose tattoos on the shoulders, forearms, along the spine, on the leg, on the neck, etc. Unlike women, men prefer to stuff a large rose flower, and also choose places so that the picture was insight.

A rose on a man’s body speaks of love, most often, for a girl. If the flower is chained, or the flower bleeds, daggers stick out of it, it indicates a strong feeling, as well as the pain. A male rose tattoo on a brush means that the owner of the picture feels passionate feelings for the woman he loves. She is the only one for him, and he wants to tell everyone about it. A rose tattoo on a man’s neck means that a man wants to give his image a mystery. This tattoo is intimate, as a man should cover the tattoo with a scarf, and it will not be visible.

How does the color of the tattoo affect the meaning:

• the white rose symbolizes purity;
• a black rose indicates the strong character of the tattoo owner;
• rose with blood – a person has suffered serious injuries in the past;
• rosebud in a triangle – luck often smiles on a person;
• white roses on the hand mean that the owner of the tattoo is looking for peace of mind;
• three roses are three sisters – happiness, luck, and wealth;
• the red rose indicates royal descent and power;
• the blue rose is preferred by romantic natures, as well as lovers of mysticism.

Therefore, it is important to choose not only a beautiful sketch but also to choose the right color for the tattoo.

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