The world’s 5 most bizarre hotels

The world's 5 most bizarre hotels

Here is a list of the 5 strangest hotels in the world. Which one suits your taste?

A person is so arranged that he always wants to try something new in life. Travel offers many such opportunities, and when you choose a hotel to stay in, the next time you can choose what you least expected!

1. Dog Bark Park Inn

If you keep a dog and generally love animals, then you will surely become a fan of this hotel. The shape of the hotel resembles a Beagle dog. The hotel room can accommodate 4 people. Here visitors can find a microwave oven for cooking, games, puzzles, and books to entertain themselves, air conditioning, and, of course, a bath. There is no TV or telephone – but this is not a disadvantage for those who want to connect with the nature that surrounds the yard. Dennis Sullivan and Francis Conklin, the designers of this hotel, knew what could attract people. The hotel is rarely empty. There are many who want to visit and stay in the Beagle-like house. Next time you plan to visit Idaho, go to Cottonwood to see the building.

2. The Park Hotel

How do you imagine spending a night or two in one of the sewers in Austria? Don’t worry, you will love this place because it is well equipped and provides all the basic human needs. The designers did everything possible to make the pipes as comfortable as possible. However, they have one drawback. The fact is that the bathroom is not included in the price, due to its absence and visitors have to pay to visit this “separate” “pipe. Each room in this hotel is quite small – only 2 square meters, but has a bed, electricity and air conditioning. You can also use a special luggage storage room, this unusual hotel is located in Linz.

3. CasAnus

Read the name of the hotel carefully and you will easily guess where you are going to spend your vacation! The hotel, which resembles the lower part of the human intestine, is located in Kemzeke, Belgium, and was designed by Joep Van Lieshout. Not to say that this is not your hotel, as it is quite comfortable and pleasant inside. All modern amenities are available and the hotel offers travelers everything they may need.

4. The Hobbit Motel

Deep down, we remain children forever. This is what the creators of The Hobbit Motel had in mind when they created this motel. Fans of Tolkien or other books of this kind, book a place here to fully understand and feel the atmosphere of this place. Hobbit Motel is located in New Zealand, in Woodlyn Park. It is available to visitors all year round. You will recognize the hotel by its apartment blocks and green roof covered with a thick layer of grass.

5. Null Stern Hotel

Switzerland is a rich country and can offer hundreds of five-star hotels. However, in Appenzellerland, Teufen, to be exact, there is a zero-star hotel. There are no windows because it is equipped in a World War II bunker. However, innovation did not bypass this place, and in 2009 Patrick and Frank Riklin, the artists who created this place, were nominated for the World Award – Hospitality Awards. This starless hotel is included in the list of the 100 largest European hotels and offers its visitors to immerse themselves in the spirit of the great past and history. Beds, lights, and furniture are provided, but the rest of the interior has never changed.

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