The world’s deepest diving pool with “sunken city” opened in Dubai

The world's deepest diving pool with "sunken city" opened in Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is the largest diving pool in the world. It has a depth of about 200 feet (~ 60.9 meters). In the pool, there is a “sunken city” that can be explored.

Here you can find a variety of locations – former houses, supermarkets, libraries and more. To fully explore the city you need to do a few dives. The diving pool is available to visitors of all levels for 10 years. For beginners, you can dive to a depth of 12 meters. More experienced swimmers can fully explore the attraction with a guide or on their own.

The pool maintains a uniform temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to make it comfortable to explore the city. For the safety of divers, all locations are equipped with video cameras to provide assistance quickly if needed. There is also a pressure chamber in the pool, which can accommodate 12 people at a time. Tickets for the Deep Dive will go on sale at the end of the month. Prices start from 800 dirhams – $ 218.

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