The youngest prodigy girl lives in the USA – she exceeded all expectations in her two years

youngest prodigy girl

A two-year-old girl named Kashe was just 18 months old when her parents began to notice that their child was extremely intelligent.

She was still actively interested in the world around her, but this time she exceeded all expectations. She went from trying to say the first word to composing a full sentence … in just a couple of days! Before she was 2 years old, the baby could name any element of the periodic table, as well as recognize and name each US state, including showing it on a map. She also began teaching Spanish.

Her parents say they learned about Kashe’s high intelligence at a pediatrician’s appointment when the child was just 18 months old. Several tests on numbers, shapes, and colors confirmed that the girl is much ahead of ordinary children in development!

Her parents then took her to a psychologist, who tested her IQ and tested it on Man’s test (an organization for people with high intelligence; open to anyone who took regular IQ tests better than 98% of the population). And the prodigy scored 146 points! For example, 98% of Americans score only 100 points. And it’s about adults!

Mensa’s organization has already accepted the child into its ranks, which automatically makes her the youngest American to ever receive membership in a prestigious organization.

Her parents are very respectful of the girl’s upbringing. Raising a child of genius means taking a huge responsibility every day for what you say. “It has taught us patience and accuracy when we communicate with her, and we understand very well what words we use and how to explain different things to her,” the parents shared. “It definitely taught us to communicate better with each other and the whole family, because we all have to be on the same page.”

Now the girl is three years old and she has already reached more than many people! It is difficult to guess what she may achieve in the future!

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