There are 20 things you simply must let go of

There are 20 things you simply must let go of

Imagine that you are flying in a balloon. Only you and your luggage are in the basket.

Suddenly something went wrong, you began to lose height. You’ll break in less than ten minutes if you don’t figure out what to do.

The only solution in this situation is to throw away your things, at least half. Either things or you. You look at them and hesitate for a few seconds. But in the end, you dare and start throwing away what you have been collecting all your life. The ball becomes much lighter, you stop losing height. Throw more – and the ball moves up. You are free! It happens every day to all of us in less dramatic circumstances.

We become attached to things and thoughts that we have been collecting for many years, and we simply do not notice how they hang on us, preventing us from moving forward.

1. Commitment

According to Buddhist philosophy, attachment is one of the causes of suffering. We have a habit of being attached to everything in our lives, including what keeps us in place: unnecessary things, annoying places, stupid actions, bad people. Ask yourself, are you tied to any of this? Take it off!

2. Guilt

Guilt has absolutely no function. What will change from the fact that you feel guilty? Nothing. It just keeps you in a state of grief and accusation.

3. Negative thinking

Pessimism and negative thoughts direct all our actions to this wave. This is a very dangerous path. Know that thoughts affect the world around us. Just think.

4. Self-criticism

This is often the most painful place. At first, we criticize ourselves with the best intentions to change and become better, but sometimes we cross all boundaries, and criticism turns against us, only making us worse. Let her go and be kind and gentle to yourself.

5. Prejudice

Prejudices slow us down. This limits our capabilities and hinders the fulfillment of our desires. You need to get rid of them.

6. Imposed obligations

Do you keep doing something for no apparent reason just because you feel you have to do it? It’s time to think honestly about why you need it. You don’t owe anyone anything.

7. The need for approval

We often think, will our actions be approved by the public? This does not allow our desires to be fully revealed. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself.

8. Boundaries are set

We set most of the boundaries for ourselves. But there are no limits in life. They are only in our brain. Go beyond.

9. Dissatisfaction

Let me explain: everything, absolutely all dissatisfaction affects our health. Science has long shown that emotions such as anger are associated with heart disease.

10. The habit of postponing everything for tomorrow

In the subconscious of each of us lives someone who is trying to prevent us from performing important tasks. When you want to put something off until tomorrow or are just too lazy to do it, remember its existence, and it will consciously make you focus on things.

11. Anxious thoughts

They are born of our fear and uncertainty about the future. The idea that something unpleasant could happen is just a contrived idea that we created ourselves. Ask yourself, “Is there real evidence for this?” If not, then you do not need to torture yourself.

12. Their ex

The collapse of love is not easy to survive, and often depression after it lasts a long time. Your heart is closed, your brain thinks of only one thing. In fact, you are not suffering from loss, but from the thought of loss.

13. Bad memories

Bad memories make you go through those sad moments and unpleasant stories that happened to you again and again. Keep them where they belong – in the past.

14. Useless things

Most often, we accumulate all sorts of garbage that clutters our room or lies in the pantry – and suddenly needed. Get rid of it, make the atmosphere in your home or office more free and harmonious.

15. Bad company

If there are insincere, jealous, or manipulative people around you, stay away from them.

16. His role

This is a very common mistake: we perceive ourselves as we are used to by others throughout our lives. This limits our actions in the present and our plans for the future, as we get stuck in a certain way. You can be one person in the past and quite another now.

17. Identifying yourself with the profession

This is one of the consequences of modern business life: as soon as we choose a profession, we get used to it with full efficiency. But remember, it’s just a role.

18. Accepted patterns of behavior

There are popular actions or patterns of behavior that are imposed on us in a particular society. And we follow them, even though we are not interested in it: from watching a popular show to the fashion for anorexia. Don’t follow the crowd, be unique.

19. Perception of all things close to the heart

Too often we are too sensitive to events in other people’s lives. We worry and suffer as if we experienced them personally. Look at things from a more distant perspective, and life will be easier, and the point of view is more objective, and the state is more balanced, focused on their priorities.

20. Time

Time is one of the main causes of emotional stress. We are enslaved by the concept of time, even in moments of rest. This thought captures our true freedom and our space. We need to remember that it is not time itself that is real, but our perception of time.

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