These 10 things will make your dishes even tastier

Eating, as you know, is not only useful but also delicious. Add only one new ingredient to any dish and its taste will flirt in a new way. Let’s try?

Herbs and greens.

Now is the time for them: young, spring, juicy. And you pass them in the market, buying a habit of dill and parsley, well, maybe even onions. In vain! Tarragon, green and purple basil, leeks, thyme, rosemary – the choice is huge, but just ask the seller and he will tell you what greens are suitable for a particular dish. Basil in a salad is as beautiful as in lemonade, duck leg with rosemary is incredibly tasty, and a salad with young zucchini and mint is something absolutely incredible if you drip balsamic cream or sauce into it. Experiment!

Spices and seasonings.

Unlike other countries in our country use little seasoning and spices, but it’s time to start. Believe me, by adding Abkhazian or black salt to the salad instead of the usual salt, you will feel a different taste of the dish. Then more: first you can start with ready-made bags of spices for pasta, shrimp, potatoes, chicken, dumplings. Then buy a few teaspoons of classic spices on the market: for fish, meat, and salad. Believe me, chops (even without salt – it will only kill the taste) with spices – it’s incredibly tasty. And cinnamon? Add it a little to a vegetable salad or chicken – delicious! There are also condiments and spices that do not change the taste of the dish, but, for example, remove unnecessary flavors or soften the meat. Feel free to ask in the market!

Vegetable oils.

What oils do you use in the kitchen? Mostly sunflower and for several years now, how did you start buying olive? Let’s expand our culinary worldview because not only these oils are vegetables. Discover pumpkin, sesame, and peanut for yourself and your family – the first minimum. With pumpkin oil – her homeland Slovenia – the locals eat everything, even … ice cream! Why not try it for us: season any vegetable salad with it, only three times less than usual. Sesame and peanut are favorites in dressing warm salads and are absolutely not suitable for frying. All three, informs Ukr.Media.

Alcohol is light and strong.

Alcohol is added not only to sweets and desserts. There are many dishes that he turns into perfection. Take at least risotto: a little dry white wine and the dish surprises with its taste. In general, alcohol has the ability to emphasize the taste of each ingredient in food, and if it is set on fire … Bravissimo!

A few drops for taste, flambéing (from the French flamber – chamber), sauce, or marinade – choose and try.


Did you season meat or fish with sugar? We recommend. Literally, a pinch of sand and dishes flirt with a new taste. Also, sugar has long been added to Ukrainian borscht, a little, a teaspoon, but the soup gets a slightly different accent. The main thing – do not get carried away! It’s still sugar.

Rice vinegar.

Not everyone in the kitchen has this type of vinegar, but it is worth starting. One drop in a salad – and you can become a vegetarian because it is very tasty. Vinegar makes the salad incomparable in taste and you can eat a lot of greens with it, enjoying the taste.

Soy sauce and teriyaki.

These sauces should not stand in the refrigerator waiting for you to order sushi. Because these sauces are not only Asian motifs in your food, but also a new taste of ordinary food. Try stewing frozen teriyaki with frozen vegetables (you can add a little sesame) or marinate salmon with honey and soy sauce.

Mustard: ordinary and Dijon.

Both give an interesting flavor to various dishes, not just jelly or sausage. Marinade made exclusively of Dijon mustard (nothing more!) Is good for any steak: fish, chicken, and meat. And ordinary mustard perfectly complements the taste of borscht, if you grind it with hard-boiled egg yolk. Search the internet and you will find a bunch of other options.

All kinds of extracts, syrups.

A couple of drops of nut or caramel extract for morning porridge or cottage cheese – unusual and delicious. For coffee – rum and mint extracts or syrup, which also goes well with chocolate desserts and ice cream.

Lemon and lemon zest.

You can buy already grated dried lemon zest in the baking department. Or you can go the other way: put a whole and washed lemon in the freezer and, if necessary, get it out of there, adding it to various dishes. How? Rubbing the fruit on a grater. What is it for? For different dishes: from pancakes to brine and fish in foil. Try it, because dishes seasoned in this way will get a taste that you probably are not yet familiar with.

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