These 5 life hacks will help speed up your child’s development

These 5 life hacks will help speed up your child's development

Every parent wants their child to be better than other peers, but not everyone can achieve this, and do you need it?

It is much more important to ensure that the child learns the school program well and can solve many everyday tasks on their own, but how to achieve this, we will tell today, giving a few life hacks.

What are the child’s strengths?

Everyone has weaknesses, but also their strengths, the task of the father even when the child is a child, is to understand what is best for the child – how he remembers the information he receives from the outside world. There are audio, kinesthetics, and visuals. Try to understand in what form the information best arrives in a child’s brain. If you understand this early enough, then in the future the implementation of school tasks will be almost no problem.

We learn by playing

Probably every parent knows that children learn mostly by playing. When a child is very young, to demand the impossible, such as fast learning to read and write, is simply a waste of time. Start with learning arithmetic, and do it in the form of games, you can use toys of their own production or buy special game materials, but what exactly should not be done – is to treat the baby as an adult.

More independence

Many parents make the mistake of interfering with their child’s play, trying to show how to do it right. However, this approach will simply kill independence and creative inspiration. To achieve what is difficult for others to achieve, you need independence, which is laid at a young age. Try to control yourself, even if your child is trying to make decisions that do not suit you. More freedom and no violence against the individual.

We do not overload

It is very difficult for a young child to focus on one task or object for more than 20 minutes, which means that each new activity should not last longer than 30 minutes. Ideally, you will alternate mental exercises with active ones, while dividing each block into 20 minutes. Try not to overload your baby and focus on three activities a day.

We are moving towards success gradually

Of course, many parents can not resist and try in a short time to give the child knowing that he can not learn through age. To achieve the result, you need to move from simple to complex. Thus, to learn to write, you must learn to use a pencil and draw lines, after which you can start learning the letters. And so in everything. Do not burden your baby with difficult tasks, always go from simple to complex.

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