These 5 non-standard ways can fill you with energy

These 5 non-standard ways can fill you with energy

Sometimes our energy goes like sand through our fingers, and we can’t understand why it happens.

However, each of us needs to feel energetic to achieve happiness. Now we will share with you what practices and exercises will help fill the energy capacity.

Conduct an audit

Energy is often wasted where a person does not feel pleasure and joy. First, audit your own life. Divide the sheet of paper into parts according to certain areas: family, career, friends, health, beauty, children, etc. Take pencils or felt-tip pens and give meaning to all the colors that will be used. For example, red means anxiety, green means peace, orange means energy, and gray means sadness or fatigue. Paint each sphere with the color that best suits it.

It is important to rely only on your own feelings: even if everyone thinks your career is successful, and you are suffering in the office – honestly reflect this. This exercise will help to clearly assess where your energy cookware cracked – that’s where you should focus. As soon as you clearly understand which of the areas of your life is sinking, it will be easier for you to act and correct the situation.

Look for an appointment

When a person follows the “path of the heart” and lives, fulfilling his purpose, energy flows to him in a resounding stream. However, the difficulty lies in finding your way. It is important to enjoy the process itself. You can use different tools to find the destination: its metaphorical charts, and astrology if you believe in it. Ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t need to make money. If you do not change anything – you are on the right track.

Another effective exercise is to imagine several alternative lives. Who would you like to be with them? Do not limit yourself to these fantasies. Think of fictional lives that could be added to your real life? For example, you see yourself as an extreme motorcyclist riding a motorcycle around the world. You definitely do not have enough thrills: take a motorcycle lesson or jump with a parachute. It will also give a burst of energy.

Make a list of achievements

Energy is directly related to self-esteem. If your self-esteem is low, you will have no incentive to act. An easy and effective way to discover your strengths is to make a list of lifelong achievements. Write down everything – from the first place at the school Olympiad in mathematics to the high assessment of your culinary skills. Whenever you doubt your abilities, get a cherished list and read it aloud.

Also, ask loved ones to answer the question of why they would turn to you in the first place and why they would like to learn from you. You will see, their answers will surprise you a lot, and will help you see your strengths. During the week, praise yourself for even the smallest achievements – then you will train your brain to focus on positive moments. This skill will help you not to focus every day on the negative, which takes away a lot of energy.

Feel the state of happiness

The famous phrase: “you want to be happy, become him” reflects the main property of happiness – it can be felt at any moment, and it does not depend on external circumstances. It is inside you. Strange as it may sound, but you can develop the ability to feel happy. First, remember the happiest day of your life in the smallest detail. Maybe it was the birth of a child or the New Year when your parents gave you the coveted toy. Record the feelings you feel during these memories. Then try to imagine your condition if you are twice as happy.

How do you feel now? How has your body position and breathing changed? Do this exercise every day for a few minutes in complete silence, increasing the degree of happiness in the imagination. After such meditation, you will feel a surge of energy and vitality, and your vibrations will be tuned to receive these sensations every day.

Use the principle of networking

The term “networking” is more common in the business community, but this method has something to borrow for everyday life. Networking is a style of building business relationships in which you surround yourself with successful people and professionals, which gives you an incentive to develop and grow.

In everyday life, it is also worth communicating only with positive, spiritually, and intellectually developed people. Look for people with similar interests and worldviews. Create a circle of communication in which you can relax or learn something new. Toxic people draw energy even during a simple conversation. Unfortunately, such energy vampires can be even the closest people with whom it is difficult to break off relations. However, it is necessary either to reduce interaction or to learn to build an emotional wall and not to react to provocations.

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