These 7 life hacks will help you eat a smaller portion of food

These 7 life hacks will help you eat a smaller portion of food faster

You can overcome overeating with the help of 7 life hacks. If you follow these rules, you will achieve two goals at once.

First, you can get more pleasure from food, and secondly – learn not to overeat and get up from the table on time.

Take the time to evaluate the food

Set aside a clear amount of time for your meal. Even fifteen minutes is better than nothing. Do not read while eating, do not check your mail, and do not watch the news!

Sit at the table

If you chew hastily or stand at the refrigerator, you can not focus on the food and do not enjoy it. In addition, if you eat standing up and straight from the pan, you can not adequately estimate the portion size. So put the food on a plate, take a knife and a fork.


Take a few deep breaths before eating. Deep breathing helps to calm down – this is especially important if you are very hungry and seem ready to empty the entire refrigerator.

Feel the taste of each piece you put in your mouth

Evaluate the different taste and texture sensations from food. Imagine that you have come to a very expensive and fashionable restaurant and all your feelings are sharpened to the limit. It is with this feeling that you should dine every day – even at home, even if you have very little time.

Remember the fifth principle: feel full

Take a break in the middle of the meal to assess the level of satiety. The food will not be so tasty and will not bring such pleasure when you reach the threshold of the last piece.

Try to eat as slowly as possible

Remember: taste buds are on your tongue, not your stomach. Swallowing food deprives you of the chance to taste it properly.

Periodically set aside the fork and knife

And ask yourself: did I eat or not? This will help slow down and give you a chance to stop in time.

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