These signs indicate that your child is a prodigy

These signs indicate that your child is a prodigy

A child prodigy can be identified by several signs.

Each parent would like to believe that his child is special and unique. Of course, this is the case, but only a few children are destined to become outstanding adults. How to understand that your child is not just smart and clever, but belongs to the league of Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Marie Sklodowska-Curie? We understand this issue together.

They love to read

Prodigy children are usually avid book lovers. They learn to read fast and much earlier than their peers, love to study more complex works of art, and do it with great pleasure. At the same time, their list of interests is not limited to the school curriculum – they may be interested in any new book that comes into their field of vision.

Prodigies are natures who are very fond of something

Gifted children respond to life with more emotion than usual. They are usually very enthusiastic about the area that interests them and have the ability to maintain that fascination for a long time. Sometimes their behavior may even seem obsessive-compulsive, so deep and long they are immersed in the material under study.

They love to learn and master the material very quickly

Prodigies can be very eager to absorb knowledge – they have an interest and passion for learning that does not disappear. Such children ask many questions, often ones that parents find difficult to answer. Sometimes this can be seen negatively, because the desire for knowledge can be manifested in both constant “why” and in bold experiments that end, for example, the flood in the apartment.

They differ in the depth of perception

Gifted children see the world differently. They have an unusual outlook on life and they, earlier than ordinary children, begin to realize what is happening around them. They can predict events, recognize patterns and have the ability to think abstractly. Gifted children tend to show not only a sense of humor but also a sense of justice and a need for justice, born of a sense of compassion for others.

They are interested in the world around them

Smart children are interested in the world around them, but real geniuses are constantly trying to learn the smallest details of how everything is arranged – from questions about the diet of each mammal to a persistent desire to learn exactly how home appliances work. It is important to encourage the child’s desire to give them thematic literature, give them to interest groups and answer questions in detail (even if their number starts to annoy you).

They have an incredible memory

Gifted children are able to memorize a large amount of information for a longer period of time. They are very attentive and record body language, voice intonation, and other details that most children do not notice.

They have rich speech and a complex mental process

Gifted children in general often start speaking early, but even stranger is the age at which they gain the ability to have complex and philosophical conversations. As a result, they seek to communicate with older children and adults because they are looking for equal intellectuals.

They do not like to repeat what they already know

Gifted children are constantly eager for new knowledge and tend to learn through research and practice – they do not like to repeat what they have already understood. They do not like memorization, preferring to understand the content and immediately move on to the next step.

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