Tips to help attract the attention of others and defend your point of view

Tips to help attract the attention of others and defend your point of view

People around you are in no hurry to listen to you. Is there a way to help influence them? Maybe then everyone will be sharply interested in your opinion?

Every day you have to make different decisions – from the simplest (what you can eat at noon) to serious and confident actions that can dramatically change your destiny.

It’s quite simple when these things apply only to you. You are the full masters of your life. And when other people take part in a conversation or in business, it is necessary to concede. Unfortunately, you are the same “other person” in the conversation. But for some unknown reason, your point of view continues to be ignored. I wonder why?

Talented speaker

There are happy people who know how to convince others of something. Pay attention to such persons. You will soon notice that they are not stubborn, brazenly insisting on their own. On the contrary, people like to communicate with them and listen to their logical and consistent judgments. In the life of individuals who have to themselves, too, everything is going well – a career, a good salary, a friendly family.

If you do not consider yourself a person who knows how to persuade, do not be upset. In fact, you are rarely listened to not because your point of view is indifferent to everyone, you just do not yet know how to convey information in a form accessible to interlocutors. Desire will help correct this minor mistake.

Application of a new technique

If you want to convince someone of your rightness, then you must firmly believe in your own beliefs.

Imagine a plastic surgeon who doubts his abilities and the quality of the operations performed. Does anyone want to turn to such a specialist for help to improve their appearance or correct deficiencies? Or another situation: you dream of a raise, but are not sure you deserve it. In this case, it is recommended to postpone a serious conversation with the boss until you are confident in your own abilities.

A timely business plan or agreement with a large investor will help you gain confidence.

Even business negotiations can fail when participants “bend their line” and do not listen to the opinions of opponents. It has long been observed that people find convincing arguments that are close to their own hopes, needs, and perceptions of life.

This idea is reflected in marketing. Experienced marketers not only promote their product but also skillfully refer it to the category of consumers who need it and the most useful. This is a great example that can be “adopted”. Let’s say you and your husband can’t decide where you go on vacation. He is convinced that sunbathing on the beach is unwise and pointless. But you will find an effective way to convince the stubborn that this is a great opportunity to relax and get a golden tan without going to the solarium. You can find out from him how he sees a productive holiday. Has a man long dreamed of visiting picturesque historical places? Perfectly! Invite him to go to Italy or Greece. And while he admires the ancient architectural monuments, you will have time to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Appropriate tone

Pay attention to the meaning of the words you say and the peculiarities of the arguments you make to others.

1. Try to remain calm, be kind and polite to the person who listens to you and enters into a dialogue with you.

2. Speak confidently and clearly. It will be unpleasant if convincing statements are ignored because of your uncertainty and inappropriate intonation. Say each word clearly, deprive friends of the chance to be distracted or switch to another topic.

3. Do not set a goal, which is to implement all your decisions. Always insist on your rightness in vital matters. Make concessions only in small things. When a man takes you to the movies for a thriller instead of a comedy, agree. Maybe in a week instead of fishing tackle, he will buy you new perfumes or cosmetics.

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