Tips to save from the heat

Tips to save from the heat
Stay in a refrigerated room.

If possible, it is better to stay in rooms with air conditioning. If you are not at home – go to air-conditioned public places – even a few hours spent in a refrigerated room can help the body adapt to the heat outside.

Limit physical activity outdoors at noon.

Reduce exercise during the heat. People who are not used to working in high temperatures are advised to start exercising slowly and gradually increase the pace and increase the load. In case of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, you should stop any exercise. Go into the shade, relax, especially if you feel dizzy and weak.

Do not be outside during hot hours. Especially in the period from 11:00 to 16:00, when the sun shines the strongest.

Wear loose, light, and light clothing.

Wear long-sleeved clothing, wear sunglasses (UVA and UVB protected), a hat, preferably with wide brims to shade the face, ears, and neck.

Use sunscreen.

Tanning can significantly slow down the skin’s ability to release excess heat, affecting the body’s ability to cool, in addition – dehydrates it. Look for sunscreens labeled “broad spectrum” or “UVA / UVB protection” with SPF 30 or higher on the label – such products work better. Reuse according to the instructions on the label. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going outside.

Take a cool shower or bath.

Electric fans can provide comfort, but when the air temperature reaches a critical level, they become inefficient. The best way to cool down is to take a cool shower or bath.

Drink more water.

Maintain a water balance no matter how active you are. Drink a lot, in small portions, do not wait for the feeling of thirst.

Avoid eating hot and heavy meals. They create an extra heat load for your body.

Do not drink sugary drinks and alcohol.

Drinking drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol, or a lot of sugar leads to the loss of more fluids. Avoid very cold drinks, they can cause stomach cramps.

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