To the beach with a child: what to bring?

To the beach with a child: what to bring?

Hiking with a small child to the water is a real challenge for parents because there is so much to anticipate. We made a list of what should be in the baby’s beach bag so that the family vacation was not overshadowed by unexpected problems.

In summer it is impossible to refrain from going to the beach. And I also want to take the child with me, so that she can bask in the sun, tan, and splash in the water. But there are things to take care of in advance.

Time on the beach

The first thing to think about when going to the beach with a baby of any age – when to go and how much time to spend in the sun. The best time to visit the beaches with children – from 7 to 10 am, and in the evening, after 4 o’clock. From 12 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon the sun is very harmful, at this time it is better to go home for a nap.

A list of things to put in a beach bag
Swimsuit or swimming trunks

It is necessary to put on all to the kid directly on a beach that he did not “boil” in a bathing suit all the way. In fact, it is best to bathe children under 3-4 years of age naked. But if this option is not acceptable for you, remove the bathing suit from the baby immediately after coming out of the water – otherwise, wet clothes can provoke, not surprisingly, hypothermia. In addition, sand is often stuffed into a wet swimsuit or panties, which can irritate children’s genitals.

Changeable clothes

T-shirt, shorts, dress – this will be needed because often the baby’s clothes after the beach are wet and all in the sand. In addition, a T-shirt or dress will protect the baby’s delicate skin from the sun. After bathing, wipe the baby with a towel and change into a light T-shirt.

Panama or scarf on his head

Ideally, the hat should protect not only the head but also the eyes from the sun. So the best choice is a cap with a large visor, a Panama hat, or a hat with large brims. It should sit well on your head. Otherwise, it will either be blown away by a gust of wind, or it will fall when the baby dissolves and will run, jump and jump. It is also recommended that the headdress be bright. So you can easily distinguish your child in the crowd of other toads.

Comfortable beach flip-flops

Shoes will protect the delicate children’s feet on the beach from sharp stones, and on the sand – from the scorching sand and debris (eg, broken glass). Beach children’s shoes are made of special materials – they are incredibly light and dry quickly.

A few towels

In this heat, towels on the beach dry quickly enough, but usually, this is not enough when it comes to the youngest vacationers.


To avoid sunburn, a baby’s delicate skin should be protected from the sun with sunscreen. Many sunscreens do not work immediately, so they should be applied to the skin beforehand. In addition, after each bath, it is desirable to re-apply them to the skin.


Ordinary boiled or mineral still water quenches thirst best. For children under 3 years, it is better to take a special baby water. Juices in small packages with a straw will also be suitable for children a little older. Milk, sour milk drinks, fruit drinks, and homemade compotes will sour quickly in the sun, so you can take them with you only in a cooler bag. It is better to forget about sweet carbonated drinks in general. It is impossible to quench their thirst, but you can “kill” the appetite.

To the beach with a child: what to bring?

So that your baby is not hungry, bring juicy fruits, vegetables, and berries. They should be kept under running water for at least 5 minutes in advance. In addition, berries that we eat raw, it is better to cover with boiling water to avoid infection. For a snack, you can take and dry cookies.


Be sure to bring a rubber or inflatable ball and a set of sand games to the beach – a bucket, molds, and a spatula or scoop. They will help to take the baby in between bathing. In addition, all children love to build castles and whole cities out of the sand. A scoop or shovel in this case is simply irreplaceable.

Inflatable circle, oversleeves, and vest

These devices will help your baby stay afloat. Children under 7 should wear them even if the child can swim. But parents should know clearly that this is only a device for swimming but by no means a means of rescue. Therefore it is impossible to release the child in the water. Parents should always be near the baby.


• Remember that a child’s skin is very sensitive to the sun, so it should be periodically placed under a beach umbrella, and even better – in the shade under trees;
• it is better not to wear diapers on the beach, so that the child does not rub anywhere, and so that she can be safe near the water without fear of soaking it;
• do not forget to immerse the baby in the water, or at least wipe it so that it does not overheat;
• and most importantly – take a good mood with you, entertain your child, build sandcastles with him, splash water and enjoy the summer!

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