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Tom Hanks: interesting facts about the actor

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks just has an amazing career. This man has starred in more than 70 films. And almost every one of them can be called beautiful.

The most famous are: “Forrest Gump”, “Green Mile”, “Save Private Ryan”. These are the paintings that brought him great popularity. Tom Hanks has won 2 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, and 5 Emmys. And in honor of his birthday, Tom Hanks, which he will celebrate on July 9, we decided to collect some of the most interesting facts about the actor.

Tom Hanks: interesting facts

Tom has family ties, albeit distant, with the President of America, Abraham Lincoln. The founder of the Hanks family was the great-grandfather of Abraham’s mother.
“In total, I had 3 mothers, 4 fathers, I changed 5 schools and 10 houses. My childhood was not strewn with roses, but due to difficulties, I became independent “- said Hanks from an interview. Childhood was not easy.

Tom Hanks’ second wife Rita Wilson. He met her during the filming of “Volunteers”.
Hanks is the second actor in history to win an Oscar twice in a row. For the films “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump”. To Tom, only Spencer Tracy could do that.

One day, a married couple met Tom at the gas station. They said Larry Crown was not the best of his career. After that, the actor gave the couple money for tickets and promised to work much harder.
Hanex likes to voice cartoons. But his main achievement in this area was Woody’s voice from Toy Story.
Hanex not only plays well but also earns a lot. He received $ 51 million for the film “Angels and Demons”. This is one of the highest fees in history. The actor once admitted to reporters that they never watch their movies.

In the film “Cloud Atlas” Hanks played as many as six roles.
For his role in the film “The game has changed” Tom received one of the 5 Emmy Awards. This time he decided to attach it to his car. Hank’s favorite series is “Star Trek”. He always said he dreamed of filming there. Once he was even offered a role, but due to other projects, Tom had to refuse.

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