Top 10 life hacks to save time

Top 10 life hacks to save time

Do you have the feeling that you have been doing something all day, but have not done anything useful?

Or vice versa: I didn’t have time to do anything, and it’s already night outside. If you also often do not understand where the time is going, then this set of tips will help to understand. Apply some tips in life, immediately after reading, and you will have an extra 2-3 hours a day. More precisely, not superfluous, but found again.

№1: Write a list of the most urgent tasks for tomorrow
But keep in mind that the to-do list should be equivalent to opportunities. That is, calculate the strength and write what you really have time to do in one day.

Why in the evening? This will help structure your thoughts before bed. You will not plan mentally, because everything is already written down, so it will be easier to fall asleep. Also, do not forget anything in the morning.

№2: Make scheduled tasks in the calendar
In addition to the task schedule for the day, you should record appointments or events whose date you already know. A lecture in 2 weeks? In 5 days a meeting with friends? In 3 weeks to visit parents? Write it all down in a calendar. This way you will know on which days you should no longer plan something extra, and on which you can do more things. This will help to avoid periods when all the cases are piled up at the same time.

№3: Create a habit schedule
Wake up every day at a certain time, set aside certain hours for rest, others for work, calls, and household chores. When the task is repeated systematically, it takes less time and is morally easier to adjust yourself.

№4: Keep track of time spent
There are a lot of special applications, but you can just use a clock or timer. Keep track of time spent on work, homework, leisure. This will help you understand where you spend the most hours.

№5: Set goals and motivation
Write down not only the cases but also what results in you expect from these cases. For example, you spend more time at work because you want to increase your income by 20%. Do you teach English for 1 hour every day because you want to take an exam in a year? If you understand why you do something every day – it’s easier to focus on even the smallest tasks.

№6: Analyze your notes
It is important not only to record where time is spent but also to analyze this information. Isn’t too much time just going to work? Do not social networks take away from you those hours that can be allocated for training? See if your goals for the future match what you spend your energy on.

№7: Time spent on social networks
When it comes to limiting time spent on social media, it’s easier said than done. After all, some notifications are constantly coming, you need to answer in a working chat, and so on. But there is an effective method: to spend some time checking messages and watching the news feed, and at other times to do their own thing. If you do not check mail, messages, and posts on social networks every hour, you will save at least an hour every day.

№8: You shouldn’t take time completely
No matter how many tasks there are, it is unrealistic to process them all in a day. But it is quite possible to get neurosis and emotional burnout from such a schedule. Always find 2-3 free hours to rest. After all, only after rebooting, you will be able to quickly and fully perform your daily tasks again.

№9: Why look for time?
As well as with the purpose and motivation concerning your present tasks, it is necessary to define: and for what to you more time a day? What do you want to spend it on instead? Start learning a new language, spend more time with family, read more? If you understand the goal, there will be less temptation to waste free time on trifles.

№10: Improving efficiency
Imagine that you understand where your time is going. Have made lists of tasks and the purposes, spend energy only on useful affairs. But it is still difficult to feel that it is difficult to cope with everything. Then you should pay attention to how to more effectively perform the tasks that you have every day. It is worth understanding your productive hours for mental work or for physical. Take away factors that distract from work and slow down the pace.

Plan, keep track of time, and analyze your life rhythm – and you can get more out of each day.

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