Top-10 Most beautiful streets in the world: what are they famous for (photo)

In every country, city there is a street famous for its delicious food, interesting establishments, and entertainment. There you can learn about the local culture and history.

You can also chat with many interesting people and try different delicacies.

Smith Street, Melbourne.

The street has a long and ambiguous history. There you will find everything from noisy football pubs to fine wine bars, vinyl record stores.
You can have a drink and sit in the cozy atmosphere at the Above Board Bar. In the Alimentari deli, you can buy food, such as delicious lasagna or cheese. You can find unique retro items in Vintage Garage.

Smith Street, Melbourne.

Paseo de San Juan, Barcelona.

This tree-lined street covers four separate areas. There you can visit boutiques such as Ballina, Bar Oller, and Verdú, as well as the stylish restaurants Granja Petitbo and ChichaLimoná. This street really stands out because it puts pedestrians and cyclists first – bike paths are located across the street.

In addition, there you can look at the epic copy of the Statue of Liberty and various attributes of Freemasons in the Biblioteca Arús. At Sant Joan Restaurant you can try the “dish of the day” and at Norma Store, you can view a huge collection of graphic novels.

Paseo de San Juan, Barcelona

South Bank, London.

This street has a good atmosphere and energy, food markets, galleries, etc. The Polish Deli London offers traditional grilled smoked pork sausages served with salad, pickles, and draft beer. There is also one of the most popular cinemas in the UK BFI Southbank.

South Bank, London

San Isidro, Havana.

The street is famous for its wrought-iron balconies, wooden shutters, and ancient colonial quarters in a contemporary style. San Isidro is like a reflection of an art canvas in the open air. There are shutters, walls, and abandoned courtyards, which are painted with spray paint depicting birds and animals.

San Isidro, Havana

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

There are many restaurants with delicacies. For example, you can try sweet and savory Japanese snacks, rice wine in the Echo Park OTOTO sake bar.

You can also sit back in the fresh air, read books, have a beer, and watch a comedy show or concert at Stories Books and Café.

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Witte de Withstraat (Witte de Witstraat), Rotterdam.

This main street runs through the city center. It has many galleries, restaurants, and clubs with loud parties. In the bar called Ballroom, you can try delicious steaks, and in the art, complex to see unusual exhibitions.

Witte de Withstraat (Witte de Witstraat), Rotterdam

Rua Tres Rios, Sao Paulo.

The center of one of Sao Paulo’s historic districts has been home to several generations of immigrant families who have moved to Brazil for centuries from Italy, Korea, Greece, Bolivia, Eastern Europe, and other countries. There you can also eat deliciously in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Rua Tres Rios, Sao Paulo

Haji Lane, Singapore.

In the early 2000s, the street began to attract tenants, which eventually made it busier. Now it is the central element of one of the historical districts of the city.

Haji Lane, Singapore

Rua Rodriguez de Faria, Lisbon.

There are restaurants, shops, studios, coworking, and many street art facilities along the street. It is now the main attraction in the Alcantara area of ​​Lisbon, which is called the “city within a city”.

Rua Rodriguez de Faria, Lisbon

Calle Thames, Buenos Aires.

The street is known for its variety of cuisine. There is also the Tres Monos Bar, considered one of the best in the world.

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