Top 11 things that people do in the happiest countries in the world

Top 11 things that people do in the happiest countries in the world

For several years in a row, the countries of northern Europe have been ranked in the countries where the happiest people live. It seems that the Scandinavians know exactly the recipe for happiness because Finland has been in the top spot for several years in a row, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

We decided to find out how the way of life of these people differs and what makes them happier than others.

Plan ahead.

Residents of the Scandinavian countries never make hasty decisions, but try to plan everything even for a few months in advance: a visit to the vet – next month, a dentist – in six months. If the end result of the year is a trip home for the holidays, see the weekly of these people to see a plan to prepare for departure for the whole year. Such planning, from front to back, allows you to anticipate all cases and prepare for them.

Another way to achieve everything is to break big tasks into smaller ones. So it’s easier to deal with everything.

Lead an active lifestyle.

It is unlikely that you will see a Scandinavian who will say that he was lazy and never played sports. Walking and cycling are part of the lives of both children and adults. That’s probably why these people are in good health. For example, 77% of the Norwegian population believe that their health is in perfect condition.

The Finns invented a way to walk with special ski poles. This sport is popular both in winter and summer. Now it is called “Scandinavian walking”.

Buy only local products.

Residents of northern European countries prefer local goods. Although they may cost more, the people of these countries are confident in their quality. This applies not only to food but also to clothing, furniture, fabrics, and electronics.

All money spent goes to support the manufacturer. Finns like the local brand Marimekko, and Swedes buy all the furniture and household items from IKEA.

Are able to turn off the “work” mode.

If the work schedule in the office is from 8:00 to 16:45, and lunch lasts 45 minutes, then the people of the happiest countries will spend just that amount of time and not a minute more. Only 2.9% of Norwegians work overtime. They spend most of their time with family, leisure, and hobbies.

All the difficult tasks Scandinavians perform at the beginning of the day, unloading all the following hours. During lunch, they listen to music or draw. These classes help to reboot.

Wear reflectors on clothes.

In Finland, there is a law that requires every child to wear at least 3 reflectors on their outerwear. Parents should keep an eye on this. Due to the law, the number of road accidents involving children decreased by 76%. That is why it is considered that a reflector is the cheapest insurance policy in the world.

Never in a hurry.

It is better to stop, think and enjoy the moment than to hurry somewhere. In today’s world, everyone is used to not stopping and running somewhere, but not the people of northern Europe. They even eat slowly, concentrating on the process itself, the taste of food, its smell. This not only helps to bring order to the mind but also makes the right process of digestion.

They eat like Vikings.

Redfish, wild berries, mushrooms, nuts, whole grain bread – these are the components of the Scandinavian diet. It is considered the healthiest and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you also want to follow this diet, then include at least 3 fish dishes a week, whole grain bread, and 150-200 g of berries to your menu daily.

They are not afraid to freeze.

Studies have shown that low temperature has a beneficial effect on the human body: it improves sleep quality and appetite, reduces weight, kills infections. Therefore, in Scandinavian countries, people are not afraid of the cold. They sometimes leave small children to sleep in the cold in a cradle.

You don’t have to swim in icy water or stand in the cold to achieve the same effects of cold on your body. It is worth taking a contrast shower, ending the bath with cold water. Walking in cold weather will also benefit.

They believe in thermal therapy.

What could be better after a frost than a hot sauna? In Finland, where the country’s population is 5.4 million, there are more than 3.2 million saunas. Such a sharp change in temperature help reduce stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches.

If you are inspired by thermal therapy, then in our conditions you can do with a warm bath or massage with warm oil. The main thing is that you enjoy the procedure.

They care about the environment.

Scandinavians’ love for nature knows no bounds. They used to leave no garbage after rest. The so-called plugging – running, during which garbage is removed – has become part of the ordinary life of the happiest countries in the world. The developers of the Lifesum application claim that this type of running helps to burn 288 calories in 30 minutes while walking burns only 120 calories, and regular running – 235 calories.

Helping nature is easier than you think.

Appreciate everyone’s personal space.

In public transport, Finns prefer to travel standing up rather than sit with one of the lanes

fats because they don’t want to bother anyone. The same rule applies to benches. If she is busy with someone, the other person will not sit next to her. Such loneliness has a positive effect on thoughts, allows you to recharge and not spray your attention on insignificant things.

We think that Scandinavians really know each other happily. Some of their habits should be borrowed from us.

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