Top 14 effective psychological tricks

Top 14 effective psychological tricks

Knowledge of human psychology will help you in communication. How to make your opponent take your side, gain sincerity, and even encourage people to do the work for you?

Here are simple psychological tricks that really work.

How to gain a reputation as a pleasant interlocutor and achieve the desired in negotiations? Here is a list of simple and effective methods.

Tricks for successful communication:

Passive condition.

It is ineffective to use the accusation: it provokes the “accused” to immediately object. Sentences with a passive state are suitable for achieving confrontation. For example: instead of “You didn’t do the job,” you could say, “The job wasn’t done.”

Method 10 minutes.

It happens that the brain “deceives” a person, causing laziness. But in the course of the activity, this feeling is replaced by interest and activity. No motivation to do the job? Force yourself to start doing it for at least 10 minutes. Your further reaction will surprise you.

To be confident.

People perceive a confident person as an authority. Pretend you’re doing the right thing – and people will trust you.

The method of “door on the face”

We feel uncomfortable refusing someone a request, and readily respond when requirements are significantly reduced. This is a marketing gimmick: start with someone doing the impossible, and then what you really want.

The “foot in the door” method.

If someone is accustomed to doing minor favors, it is very easy to encourage him to a more serious cause. And when you ask for simple services, over time the person will agree to perform something more.

Silence gold.

Long pauses in conversation create discomfort. Want to get more useful information or want to sign a successful contract? Use silence. Pauses will create inconvenience, and your counterpart will definitely want to break the silence.

Sign language.

The signal of openness – hands that are spread to the sides and turned palms up. Use open gestures and poses in communication, look directly at the interlocutor.

The “mirror” method.

If you start unobtrusively imitating the interlocutor, you can, as it were, tune in “to his wave” to evoke his affection for yourself. The main thing is not to get carried away

Small services.

If you make a request to someone, or someone asks you, there is an atmosphere of affection that brings people together.

Ability to agree.

Make contact with the other person in the moments that unite. This will help you, especially if you do not agree on something. It is important to immediately find a common language with the person. “I fully support you, but…”.

Tom Sawyer’s method.

Motivation to work is a great way to apply management. M. Twain’s character just used this psychological trick. Its essence is this: if you do not want to do the job, pretend that it is exciting. Suddenly someone wants to do it for you?

Maintain neutrality.

Show your opponent your willingness to accept his arguments, and he will trust you.

Use of names.

For each of us, our name sounds like music. Saying the other person’s name in conversation will increase their sympathy for you.

Allow interlocutors to speak.

The talent to listen carefully has always been valued. Even if you are aware of events, let the person speak out. Want to become famous as a pleasant interlocutor? Let someone talk about your loved one.

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