Honeymoon is an old and very good tradition, which is trying to support all couples getting married. At the same time it is very difficult to get rid of the torments of choosing a country for a honeymoon – you want to see everything at once, one offer seems more interesting than another, you can afford more, so the question of price worries last.

So a selection of the top 5 countries for a wedding holiday will be more useful than ever-beautiful, interesting and impressive places are waiting for your decision.

An undisputed leader in choosing a place for a honeymoon. It is good here at any time of the year, and the warm water and beautiful sunsets will allow you to experience this life to the fullest. When buying a ticket to the Maldives, a rich entertainment program is guaranteed:

diving among picturesque reefs with white corals, labyrinths, and caves will be very interesting;
you can admire the island from a bird’s eye view while walking over the islands by helicopter;
all kinds of sea sports are available to everyone here: from leisurely canoeing to high-speed jet skiing.
You should carefully calculate your budget because the cost of tickets can be quite high, but living in private bungalows, eating fresh exotic fruits and seafood, entertainment for all tastes and colors is worth it.

The most romantic country definitely deserves to be in the TOP-5 places for a honeymoon. You can enjoy each other in a comfortable hotel with a glass of wine, admire the scenery from the Eiffel Tower, treat yourself to gifts from the most popular shops on Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

It perfectly combines several types of recreation, so you can safely book a tour for 10 days and not think about what to do. The most delicious croissants and the world-famous Norman cheese will make your mornings rich and delicious. A honeymoon in France is definitely a good idea.

This option for a honeymoon can be called a budget, but no less interesting. In many hotels, young couples are treated with great reverence, so if you book a room for the young, you can treat yourself to sweets and fruits, which are treated by the owners. It is better to give preference to such resorts as Rhodes or Crete. An easy flight, which does not take more than 3.5 hours, can also be attributed to the benefits of the tour.

Well, the standard list of things to do in Greece:

to admire the night Acropolis;
spend a day on the beach in Navajo Bay;
taste traditional dishes in an expensive restaurant;
to visit the Palace of the Minotaur.
You can alternate a measured beach holiday with exciting excursions because a ticket for 10 nights can be found at a price of $ 450.

There are no disadvantages in this direction, except for the high cost, but such an investment is justified because the honeymoon in Seychelles will be the beginning of a long and happy life in abundance. The best time to travel here – from May to October – is the optimal temperature for swimming and surfing.

It is here that the dream of a vacation on white beaches, among coconut palms and the noise of the ocean comes true. From the unusual entertainment that you can try right here, the opportunity to feed the centuries-old turtles from the hands of the island of Curiosity and go on a cruise on a snow-white yacht. If you do not have seasickness, this pastime will be remembered only on the positive side.

Bright Italy closes the list of TOP 5 countries for a honeymoon. Local beauty can be enjoyed for a long time, it is a country of art and bright holidays, unique architecture, and temperamental people. Those who love to travel probably visited Italy during a bus tour, but a 7-day vacation during a honeymoon will open the country in a new way.

Relax and enjoy – you will not see so many palaces, art museums, ancient monuments anywhere else. And how many bright and colorful photos can be given from Italian resorts. So the honeymoon will be postponed not only in memory but also in the whole album of incredibly beautiful photos.

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