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Travel app for sustainable tourism, our selection

Travel app for sustainable tourism, our selection

What are the best sustainable tourism apps to download to start organizing green travel right away?

Green travel is the future. We all have a great need for sustainable tourism to protect our planet and change our minds even when it comes to packing. Tourists and those who go on a trip not only for pleasure must be aware of having to preserve resources, respect the Earth, also respect the cultures and people who will meet during the trip. Organizing a holiday like this is not difficult, all you need is the right travel apps for safe and certified sustainable tourism.

The term sustainable tourism, according to the definition of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), indicates that form which on the one hand satisfies the needs of travelers who want to open up to the world. And on the other hand also the needs of the Regions that host tourists. Without forgetting that it is a typology aimed at promoting social, economic, and environmental justice, in full respect of the planet and different cultures.

Leaving for another country means coming into contact with stories, customs, traditions different from ours. We must open up through socially responsible tourism, interacting with the local community, and following all the principles of sustainability that we should now apply to every area of ​​our life. To have a lesser social impact and bring well-being with our travels. Opening heart and mind to others. In order to organize a sustainable trip, we need a little help. And fortunately, technology comes to our rescue, with a series of applications to always keep on our smartphones. Here are the travel apps for sustainable tourism that we recommend today.


Italian social traveling service that helps prepare the ideal path. So as to organize the perfect trip for your needs, always staying up to date. The application works on both iOS and Android and guides us like a local to find out everything we need to know. A tourist guide always in your pocket that privileges proximity tourism in the area we have chosen as a destination for our holidays.


Here is the perfect app to find eco-friendly accommodations where you can sleep, such as green beds & breakfasts, organic farmhouses, sustainable campsites, tree houses, zero-emission facilities, ecological hotels, and even popular hotels. We can choose where to sleep, book, manage reservations, write to the host and find lots of other useful information for our eco-sustainable holidays.


And to eat? Here is the free application in English and Italian of Slow Food, to find restaurants, bars, places to eat locally in a conscious way. Because a country is also known by traditional food to be enjoyed together with the locals. Obviously getting advice from the locals on the best gastronomic proposals.


The app is perfect for all eco-tourists who want to respect the environment, travel ethically, and organize a backpacking trip by finding the best facilities with recognized certifications for sustainable tourism.


Finally, here is another useful app for connecting travelers with those who live in the city and know it like the back of their hand. So thanks to the questions posed to the locals we will always be able to receive the best answers, being able to count on the opinions of those who live there every day.

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