Traveling with a youngster is a unique experience

Traveling with a youngster is a unique experience

If you already consider yourself an experienced driver and risk going on trips with a child, then pay attention to some features of such trips to ensure both the comfort of the child and safety for both of you.

Most importantly – do not forget about the car seat, and not just because it is regulated by law. The presence of a car seat is an elementary safety requirement because a child fastened in a chair with straps will not be able to fall, climb on the front seat, and in general, restricting its mobility will save you from many dangerous situations.

The car seat should be selected according to the size of the child. Even for the little ones, there are special car seats in the form of a cradle – for newborns. For children who have already learned to sit, the chair is installed against the movement, facing the mother sitting next to it. All other car seats are fastened face forward and, as a rule, behind the driver’s seat. This place is considered the safest in the car.

It is necessary to go with the child very accurately not only not to get into an accident, but also not to frighten the kid with sharp braking. And, of course, you need to avoid all sorts of road fights, because the screams of the brakes, outside the window, screams, and curses of drivers, sound signals can scare the child.

When going on a trip with a child, do not forget that children always want to go to the toilet at the most inopportune moment. To avoid such situations and not to look for a feverish place to park in the middle of a busy road, make it a rule 30-40 minutes after leaving home, look for a convenient place on the road, where you can park so that the child in advance, without haste. need.

Don’t forget to take your toys with you. These can be plush toys, transformers. It would be good to take a tape recorder with fairy tales, as well as juice in small packages, candy, fruit – all that a child can do during the trip. Only you should arrange all things correctly so that at breaking they did not fall on the child or on your head.

Also, talk to your baby while driving. The rearview mirror does not show what is happening behind your back, and if the baby suddenly calms down, it is possible that he is busy with something illegal. And since you can’t turn on the move, it would be better if you control him all the time, asking what he does, what he sees, and so on.

And yet, if you are a novice driver, do not risk going with a child immediately on a long trip. Try first how you can organize short, safest routes, find out how the child behaves, how much you are distracted by it during the trip, choose the best place, toys, entertainment for the baby. And take someone to insure on such test trips.

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