True love – Live not for me, live with me

True love - Live not for me, live with me

Love and infatuation do not mean that each of us must give up everything we dreamed of, aspired to, planned for the sake of relationships and loved ones.

Love is not possession. On the contrary, love gives us complete freedom to be ourselves and the confidence that we are loved, needed, and never alone. Love is a union of two people who have decided to share with each other their personal joys, achievements, plans, friends, profession, life principles, and their way in this world.

We are together to build our common history, to walk our common path with respect for each other and reciprocity. True love is independent, free and passionate. Love does not require leaving aside hobbies, friends, work, the personal sphere of each of us. Undoubtedly, love does not require you to give up yourself and make someone the center of the universe, to dedicate your life completely to someone.
Love is an opportunity to share and rejoice together with all the achievements of our lives – personal and common.

True love does not make you different, does not force you to give up what is important and valuable to you. It does not require control of the mind and feelings – it offers to enjoy them. Love does not require possession and selfishness.

Love is a world in which everyone’s personal freedom makes us even closer to each other.

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