Ugly tattoos: ideas for not repeating the same mistakes

Ugly tattoos: ideas for not repeating the same mistakes

Although the tattoo is spoken of as real art, it is not uncommon to see ugly tattoos.

We know that if these tattoos appeal to those who have decided to wear them on the skin, there should be no problem, but they still remain very ugly subjects to see.

Let’s take some examples to understand what we are talking about?

Ugly tattoo ideas to stay away from

Opens the list of the ugliest tattoos ever a subject that scares everyone. Imagine a bald man and a face tattooed on his head. An image that many find gruesome but that someone has decided to make their own. The more daring grow a few hairs in the area where the mouth is tattooed, to simulate a sort of mustache. For us, it is a dry and decisive no. Don’t try to copy this crazy idea!

There are also those who have decided to have a pair of glasses tattooed on their face. Close your eyes and imagine the scene. No, in fact, we don’t want you to have nightmares tonight. Reopen them immediately and don’t let it occur to you to replicate the subject. There are many extravagant ideas for tattoos, but these are really bad and it will be a real escalation. We warn you.

Even those with grammar errors or incorrect translations of sentences in other unknown languages ​​count as ugly tattoos. In most cases, these are bad translations, but also dirty ones in many cases. Don’t use Google Translate when you want to tattoo a sentence in another language, but don’t rely on a foreign tattoo artist who could turn out to be a real joker. You could carry some bad word engraved on your skin forever.

Among the ugly tattoos, we cannot fail to point out those made badly. A few examples? Deformed Marilyns, tigers of the wrong proportions, and other such pies. Also, in this case, you must always pay close attention to who you choose as a tattoo artist.

The choice of the best tattoo artist in order not to take risks

The choice of the tattoo artist is, as always, very important. Be careful not to choose the first one that happens, but take a good look at both the cleanliness of the studio and the machinery and the ability to tattoo beautiful subjects correctly.

This is not an aspect to be underestimated, because hygiene comes first when it comes to tattoos but it is also very important that they are done properly. Otherwise, the risk is to have a bad mark on the skin to be worn forever.

The trust that must be placed in the tattoo artist must be supported by the skill of the latter. Fortunately, there are so many very good ones, and choosing one in your area is not a mission impossible.

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