Unusual and rare professions in the world

Unusual and rare professions in the world

There are more than 40,000 professions in the world. Agree, a lot. The question may arise: where so much?

After all, looking at, for example, ads with vacancies, it is good if there are a hundred or two. And where are the others? Everywhere, however, they are not as popular as a manager or an economist.

We offer a selection of the most unusual and rare professions in the world.

1. The seller of dreams.

The postal clerk dreams of becoming a great actor for one day. Businessman – to drive a multi-ton train. And a psychiatrist – in 20 days to meet 20 girls from 20 different countries. How to make their dreams come true? One of the Chicago companies is doing just that: realizing any dreams and wishes of its customers. However, such pleasure is not cheap.

2. The rescuer of penguins

This is a job for those who are not afraid of the cold and love animals. A penguin that has fallen on its back will not be able to turn over on its own, so there are special people in Antarctica who help these cute animals, actually save them.

3. Ball collector.

Such vacancies can be found in large golf clubs. The main responsibility of such a worker is to make sure that there are no extra balls on the golf course.

4. Ant seeker.

This person will look for the best individuals in the anthill, which will later continue their lineage on artificial ant farms.

5. Zahopoznavets.

Such a person usually works in companies that produce deodorants and perfumes. She evaluates scents and also creates perfume compositions.

6. Stringer.

People in this profession are also mentioned in our article on journalists. In fact, he is an extreme journalist who works in areas of natural disasters, during hostilities, riots, etc.

7. Pastier.

Engaged in the manufacture of natural hair, as well as artificial fibers, wigs, beards, sideburns, eyelashes, eyebrows. The position is usually called a make-up artist.

8. Passenger pusher.

This profession is and it is popular in big cities. During the “hot” hours for transport, this person helps to push passengers to the vehicle, too, firstly, help everyone who wants to use this vehicle, and, secondly, to prevent disruptions in traffic schedules.

9. The sex determination operator of chickens.

When the chickens are 1 day old, it is very important to accurately determine their sex, because, based on this, you need to select food and conditions for further maintenance.

10. Golf club rub.

Elite golf clubs have specialists who rub clients’ sticks with special solutions to ensure better contact of the stick with the ball.

11. The equalizer of pillows.

Some furniture stores have vacancies for pillow levelers. Such a person should walk around the trading floor and make sure that there are no creases on the pillows.

12. The interlocutor.

In multimillion-dollar cities, such as Tokyo, the emergence of such a profession is quite natural, because the pace of life is crazy, and time to communicate is extremely small. That is why there are special booths on the most crowded streets, in which interlocutors sit, who are ready to listen and communicate with everyone who has a need to “pour out their souls”.

13. Toilet guide.

Such a profession exists in China. What is especially interesting, it is official, and in the employee’s workbook is just such an entry. They work on the streets of Chinese cities, for a small fee ready to tell you where the nearest public toilet.

14. Lover to stand in line.

Such vacancies are found in the UK. That’s where you can pay $ 40 an hour to a person who professionally defends your turn anywhere. The fee is a lot, but for business people who constantly lack time for everything, it’s just a godsend.

15. Headhunter.

Simply put – it is an employee of the personnel department, in the modern – HR department. However, this is a highly qualified employee who has more than one secret and method of selecting the best employees. He is often perceived as a secret agent.

Well, it remains to be wished that you become the find of the best headhunter!

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