Useful and useless drinks for weight loss

Useful and useless drinks for weight loss

Taking care of extra pounds, we almost always warm-up for food. Yes, no one is arguing: weight loss should begin with proper nutrition and a balanced diet. But this is not enough!

For some reason, rarely do any of those who are overweight mention drinks. Counting calories from even a tiny sandwich, candy, or cookie, people do not even think to see how high-calorie those drinks that seem so familiar that few people realize – they are harmful to the figure or not.

But abroad there were nutritionists who not only thought, but also conducted a study that clearly proved that most often the appearance of excess weight is not associated with food, but with drinks. The sodas and juices, tea, and coffee we consume daily add hundreds of calories to our diet!

Carbonated drinks and extra pounds

Of course, rarely, struggling with excess weight will drink tea or coffee with ten tablespoons of sugar. But to think about the fact that a glass of sweet soda contains about the same amount of sugar, hardly anyone managed. Moreover, in order for such sweetness to be perceived by the body normally, orthophosphoric acid is added to the drink, blocking the gag reflex.

Considering that carbonated drinks not only do not quench thirst, but also do not satisfy – the appetite remains the same, estimate how much sweet drink you drink, and how much sugar is deposited in the form of fat on your waist and hips. It should be objective and note that not only the notorious circle is harmful – absolutely all carbonated drinks, both imported and domestic, have high sugar content.

Recent studies have found that if you replace at least 25% of the calories you get from sweet sodas with healthy foods, you will reduce your calorie intake by 8,000 per year. In addition, the removal of carbonated sugary drinks from the diet will reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and even reduce the likelihood of acquiring cardiovascular disease.

Hot or cold drink: which is more useful?

If you think that it does not matter what drink – hot or cold, to drink food, you are wrong. By drinking food with cold drinks, you reduce the stay of food in the stomach from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes. It is clear that in this case, food does not saturate, and the feeling of hunger quickly reappears. That is, it is obvious that this is one of the causes of obesity.

In addition, when drinking food with cold drinks there is no normal digestion of food, and therefore in the intestines are activated putrefactive processes. Incidentally, it was this circumstance that caused multiple complaints against “McDonald’s”. The range in these establishments is such that it becomes natural to buy when because tea and coffee are more expensive. And the actual “flushing” of cold food in the stomach leads only to an increase in appetite and, accordingly, to an increase in the amount of food ordered. But in the case of drinking hot drinks, this process is not observed. So draw your own conclusions!

Juices: are they always useful?

For some reason, everyone is convinced that in the struggle for proper nutrition, juices are undoubtedly useful and promote weight loss. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Even freshly squeezed juices can not be said that they are definitely useful because in the process of squeezing the dietary fiber is pressed, which increases the caloric content of the juice. And packaged juices contain sugar, and quite a lot, it is unlikely to contribute to weight loss. Well, we should not forget that juices promote the release of insulin, and it increases appetite. The result is overeating and, of course, being overweight.

To drink or not to drink and why to prefer?

As for aeration, it is better for people prone to obesity to abandon it altogether. Packaged juices should also be replaced with freshly squeezed, but follow the rules of consumption. And also prefer vegetable juices. If you like coffee or tea, then calculate how much sugar you consume per day, even if you drink these hot drinks with just one teaspoon, but 8-10 times a day.

The question remains: what to drink? Make compotes and juices with a minimum of sugar, herbal teas and infusions, and, of course, water. Water is a living and natural drink, which, moreover, will not add you extra pounds, but will perfectly remove thirst and will always remain useful for health and figure.

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