Useful habits for healthy sleep

Useful habits for healthy sleep

If a person has trouble sleeping, he loses motivation and strength, and later the overall quality of life. We share useful habits that can improve the quality of sleep.

Get ready for bed
Sleep is preceded by a whole process of preparation. We recommend a four-stage relaxation process:

1. Take a warm shower or bath. Take a bath about an hour before bedtime, it will warm the skin and cool the main body temperature, which promotes the release of melatonin (sleep hormone). A warm shower or bath not only helps you fall asleep faster but also improves sleep quality.

2. Write down your thoughts. Take about 15 minutes to write down your thoughts, worries, or concerns the next day. This way you will leave all your thoughts on a piece of paper, which will save you from violent thinking in the process of falling asleep.

3. Read. Reading is an activity that relaxes.

4. Perform meditation. Perform soothing meditation or mindfulness exercises. These activities reduce stress and anxiety.

Take care of the conditions
Before going to bed, you should carefully prepare the room. About two hours before bedtime, start cooling the bedroom. Close the curtains tightly so that light does not penetrate through the window. If necessary, use earplugs to avoid loud noises during sleep.

Put the phone away as far as possible
Radiation of blue light from electronic devices (phone, TV, tablet) spoils your melatonin synthesis. This leads to sleep disturbances.

Follow the schedule
For better sleep, choose a time to wake up and stick to it. Try to set a sleep schedule that can be followed on both weekdays and weekends. Also, take 7-8 hours to determine when you should go to bed.

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