Useful secrets on how to raise a child disciplined

Useful secrets on how to raise a child disciplined

When a child starts hysterically in a crowded place, parents do not always know how to react to such behavior.

They may even say that the child is still too young to be disciplined. In fact, early age is a good time to introduce a child to the concepts of what is right and what is not.

“Parents often think of toddler discipline only in terms of punishment, but the origin of the word ‘discipline’ is to teach,” psychologist Deborah Roth Ledley told Parents. She emphasizes that with one-year-olds, discipline should be more about communicating and learning their boundaries.

Secrets of how to raise a child disciplined

Try to be distracted

Fight the urge to yell at your child when she breaks the order because your tone will upset him. “It is better to quickly and calmly interest him in other activities,” says the psychologist. Redirecting his attention will not only quickly stop unwanted behavior but also later teach the child that some things can not be done.

Be consistent

“It’s important to set boundaries and follow them again and again,” says child psychologist Gregory Oliver. Parents should also be on the same side when it comes to family rules. Telling a child different rules about whether or not to do so will confuse and confuse the child.

Don’t say too much no

If you keep saying “no” to your child, it can start to turn him against you, or worse – the kids will start using this word themselves when they do not want to do something. Therefore, it is better to keep a “no” for situations where it is really needed. For example, when a son or daughter reaches for the oven door.

Show her your own example

Toddlers get more experience when they watch what you do than when you just tell them. If your child, for example, insults another child in the playground, demonstrate the behavior you need. Say, “Let’s hug her/him quietly,” then make sure your child hugs the other person. Or if you find it difficult to get your baby to brush his teeth before bed, do it together.

Praise good behavior

Sometimes kids do something bad because they lack communication skills, and that’s a surefire way to get their attention. Therefore, you should always tell your child that you are happy with her behavior. By doing this, you will teach your child that good behavior also attracts the attention he wants from you.

Use reverse psychology

Tell your child to do the opposite of what you want him to do. After all, kids are contrary to nature and like to defend their independence. So when your 3-year-old daughter, for example, refuses to eat dinner, stop insisting on it and see what happens next.

“I’ll go get some and I’ll be right back, but don’t touch this food. When you get back to the baby in a few minutes you may notice that she’s going to eat everything. You can say, ‘Oh no, I wanted to eat this.’ , it will definitely cheer up the child “, – says the psychologist.

Of course, this strategy may not always work, so check first.

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