Want to know your psychotype? Take this Luscher psychological test!

Want to know your psychotype? Take this Luscher psychological test!

Relax, look at the picture and choose the rectangle whose color you like at the moment.

This simple test to determine the psychological state of man was invented in 1948 by Max Luscher. This event was a revolution in psychology and psychiatry. The method is successfully used by modern doctors, moreover, it can be done independently. What is it? Above you see a picture, it shows 8 rectangles of different colors.

You choose one of them. It is important that when choosing you are not guided by anything but the subconscious. It doesn’t have to be your favorite color or any clothing preference, you don’t have to look into the meaning of colors. Relax, look at the picture and choose the rectangle whose color you like at the moment.

Color values:

– If you choose BLACK – you are familiar with the feeling of loneliness, but you know how to deal with it. You try not to show your weaknesses, although you secretly dream of someone taking care of you, taking responsibility. You solve all problems on your own, have your own opinion, and are not influenced by other people.

– If you have chosen GRAY – you are a very thoughtful person – “measure seven times – cut once” – this is about you. You try not to stand out from the crowd, but you have a rich inner world. You are sincere, soft, modest. It gives you a lot of experience, sometimes it creates self-doubt. Do not doubt, just add a little color to your life.

– If you choose RED – you are of a passionate, purposeful, emotional nature. Bright bursts of emotions are quite probable for you – from all-encompassing love to fierce hatred. You can offend someone unintentionally, but without knowing it and without thinking about the consequences. You know how to charge others with your passion, you have a huge life potential.

– If you choose BROWN – you are a practical person, absolutely not floating in the clouds. Facts and evidence are important to you, not ideas and dreams. This is your big plus – you live “real”, really assessing their capabilities. The downside is that it’s hard for you to go beyond, do something grand, or believe in something incredible.

– If you choose YELLOW – you are positive, open, sociable. Optimism is your everything. You know how to like people, it’s easy to communicate with you. You have many hobbies because you are interested in everything. You know how to enjoy simple things and admire the small manifestations of good in people.

– If you chose BLUE – you are completely calm. Psychological comfort is important to you both in the situation and in communication with people. You are confident, talented, striving for harmony. You are a very deep nature, a dreamer, a romantic, so you feel tired from the hustle and bustle of life.

– If you choose GREEN – you have everything to succeed – the thirst for life, determination, potential. You love life and everything around you. Strive for your goal. But there is a downside – you are prone to criticism – if you do not feel supported, you lose confidence.

– If you choose PURPLE – you are inquisitive, enthusiastic nature, prone to mystify the world around you. Purple combines opposites, like the man himself. You are a person of mood – you have sharp transitions from activity to complete indifference, from extreme to extreme, but in your soul, you strive for harmony. This color is often chosen by creative people.

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