Ways to deal with fear without risk to the psyche

Ways to deal with fear without risk to the psyche

How to deal with anxiety. Modern man lives in an endless stream of information. However, it is not always positive. In this case, the person develops anxiety, which is difficult to deal with yourself.

Focus on loved ones

It is human nature to worry about events that happen far away from him. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a war, people focus on the news, forgetting about the state of affairs in the immediate area. This is the main mistake.

“You have relatives and friends. Switch your focus to them, discuss what is not in the news – common affairs, hobbies. Do your homework, think about your hobby, play with children.”

Working together with relatives will help to distract from negative information, as well as recharge with positive emotions.

Don’t read the news all the time

In the age of the Internet, there is a risk of encountering fake news. This is especially true when it comes to national tragedies. However, getting rid of the flow of frightening information is easier than it seems at first glance.

“What you need to do – put the phone with telegram channels and the remote control from the TV to the side. Give rest to your nervous system.”

A banal information detox will allow you to unload your thoughts and relax from disturbing news.

Technique “Sea”

Seclude yourself in a cozy place. Sit or lie down. Take several deep and slow breaths. Imagine that with each exhalation you release a feeling of anxiety.

“Concentrate all the focus on the tip of your nose. Just think of thoughts that come to mind without analyzing them.”

Do this exercise for ten to 15 minutes.

Streams of Love Meditation

Sit or lie down in a cozy place where no one will disturb you. Close your eyes. Take a few deep slow breaths.

“You need to focus on your heart. Imagine it physically. Feel it, find the brightest area in it and send streams of love to the whole world from there.”

Try to make this flow of good as much as possible. Perform this exercise for 15 minutes.

Take time for yourself

Negative information often knocks the ground out from under your feet. Rest and rendezvous with yourself will help you come to your senses.

“Take a bath with soothing foam, go for a massage, fitness or make an appointment with friends. You can lie down at home with a cat and turn on your favorite series, read a book.”

By switching to taking care of yourself, you learn not to focus on the negative.

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